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  • Q&A - Rachel

    Q&A - Rachel Heydon, Airside Operations


    We spoke to Rachel Heydon from Airside Operations to find out about her experience on the series and what she has seen change at the airport over the last few months.

    We have seen you star on HBBA before, what do you like most about being part of the series?

    I enjoy showing viewers our world at Heathrow.

    Do fans of the series recognise you in the airport?

    Yes, sort of 😊

    Do your friends and family watch you in every series?

    Yes, they watch me in all of them!

    What did you enjoy most about being part of HBBA this time?

    I always enjoy showing viewers what we do, we have a great airside team.

    What has been a particularly memorable moment for you over the last year while working at Heathrow? 

    The Red Arrows flying over this year for the 75th VE Day was very memorable. It was lovely hearing all the ground handlers cheering as we were in lockdown, it really cheered us all up.

    Travel corridors have recently been introduced with some countries, where are you most looking forward to travelling to? 

    Boston to see my brother and a holiday in Belize.

    Is there anything about travel that you have missed over the last few months?

    My brother not being able to visit me, as he lives in the USA, and seeing a busy airfield with lots of passengers.

    Will you be volunteering again for more series in the future?

    If they want to follow me again then absolutely!