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Maria Asaad
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Bahrain may be small in size but it is mighty in activity, natural wonders and historical culture sites that make a visit here well worth it. Known as the kingdom of merchants and pearl divers, there is so much to do and experience in this place of traditional architecture and unique experiences. 


Get stuck into some Gulf history

One of the best places to start your visit and learn more about this fascinating country is the Bahrain National Museum. Located in the capital city of Manama on the gorgeous waterfront, this historical and cultural establishment is filled to the brim with photographs, artifacts and interactive exhibits showcasing over 5000 years of local history.

You will spoilt with choice on what to see, from jewellery pieces to primitive tools unearthed from ancient civilisations. There is also an array of prized pearls and the famous 1930s Buick gifted to the very first Emir of Bahrain, special and unique to the country!

Just next door to the museum is the iconic National Theatre of Bahrain, which is a state-of-the-art creative institution hosting incredible performances. The Bait al Quran Museum is also nearby and celebrates the history and artistry of the Quran with notable Islamic texts. 


Take a tour of a traditional neighbourhood

It’s hard not to be instantly gripped by Bahrain’s modern skyline of high-rise towers and eccentric architecture, with the iconic triangular-shaped World Trade Centre as Manama’s striking centrepiece. However, Bahrain has so much more to offer in terms of scenery with more traditional architecture and ancient neighbourhoods.

Muharraq, the former capital, has managed to preserve its traditional-looking houses that are full of charm and character. You will be able to discover old pearl merchants’ mansions and fabulous courtyard villas that feature unique coral decorations and hand-carved wooden doors.

While wandering, be sure to check out the former royal residence, Sheik Isa bin Ali House, and browse through some beautiful embroidered textiles at Kurar House. 


Get your heart pumping at the Grand Prix

A trip to Bahrain is incomplete without visiting the world-famous Bahrain International Circuit, home of the country’s Grand Prix. Even if you’re not the biggest Formula One fan, it’s hard not to be impressed by the electric and exhilarating atmosphere.

You will have the opportunity to go on a brilliant behind-the-scenes tour that will take you through the massive scale of the tournament. The tour will allow you to go up the race control tower, explore the high-tech media gallery and even walk around the track!

Some experience days even give you the opportunity to go behind the wheel or a Radical SR3 and follow in the track-marks of racing legends like Hamilton and Schumacher. And with the Formula 1 season right around the corner, there is no better time to visit!