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Derry, known as Londonderry, is a gorgeous city steeped in history and cultural significance. Located on the River Foyle, this Northern Ireland city has so much to see and experience, you won’t know where to start! 


Dive into Derry’s history

There is so much to learn about and explore in this fascinating city. Derry has experienced so many historical and significant events that can be remembered through various main spots around the city.

One of the best ways to really get a sense of these past events and delve deep into the history of this interesting place is with a guided tour. Some of the main tourist attractions that are a must-see are:

·       Derry city walls

·       The Hunger Strike memorial

·       Bogside

·       The Free Derry Corner murals

·       St Columb’s Cathedral

·       The Hands Across the Divide monument

Derry has a very efficient hop-on-and-hop-off bus that will take you to all these intriguing spots, and you can spend as much time as you like exploring each place for the entire day. 


Museum hop into some more history

Derry has a diverse range of museums that provide visitors with a breadth of historical insight and memorable experiences. Visiting these museums is a great way to delve even deeper into the remarkable history of this city and learn more details about the parts you’re most interested in.

The Tower Museum of Derry is a great place to learn more about the Spanish Armada by exploring and seeing real artifacts from the event. If you’d like to find out more about the plantation of Ulster that took place in the 17th century, then Guildhall is the place to go.

The Museum of Free Derry is one that is an absolute must if you really want an insight into the city’s history, as it offers a stark and emotive reminder of the past struggles and troubles that were faced in Northern Ireland. The Siege Museum displays a treasure trove of Derry’s past, that tells the tale of the 101-day siege of Derry in 1688. This was a monumental moment in both Ireland’s and Britain’s history. 


Enjoy Derry’s natural scenic spots

If you feel like you’ve taken in enough history and want to be more present in nature, then check out some of Derry’s best outdoor scenic spots. Northern Ireland is renowned for its spectacular scenery that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, and Derry is no exception.

St Columb’s Park offers acres of green lawns and relaxing cafes that make it the ideal place for a leisurely stroll followed by a light lunch. Ness County Park can be found a little further southeast of Derry, which is home to paths of wooded parkland and a hidden waterfall for an extra special sprinkle of nature!

If you’re visiting Derry with kids, then the summer is the perfect time to do so with a visit to Springhill. Your little ones can take advantage of free obstacle courses, horseless show jumping and a jungle gym for even more exciting outdoor fun.