Unite strikes 31 March – 9 April

Unite has confirmed a strike among two groups of Heathrow security officers for 31 March – 9 April. The airport will remain open and operational but the strikes may affect the journeys of some passengers planning to travel during this period. You can check the status of your flight with your airline for the latest information.

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Stuart Messham
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Feel a burning desire to go up in the world? It's a very literal possiibility on a visit to magnificent Malaysia…
PETRONAS Towers: an architectural masterpiece
High point 1: the incredible PETRONAS Towers

Malaysia's proudest icon and an architectural wonder of some repute, the PETRONAS Towers in Kuala Lumpur comprise 88 storeys rising an incredible 451.9m above sea level with their integrated pinnacles atop the towers

They are the tallest – and quite possibly the most beautiful – twin towers in the world.

The interior patterns echo Malaysia’s local handicrafts and and 'songket', or weaving patterns. The combination of stainless steel and glass form intricate Islamic motifs. And the overall form – when viewed from above – resemebles an eight-pointed star, which represents unity, harmony, stability, and rationality in the Islamic cultures.

There are 29 double-decker high-speed passenger lifts to the Observation Deck on level 86, 370m into Malaysian orbi – revealing views over the sprawling, teeming cityscapes that are truly magnificent..

And then there's the Skybridge… A 750-ton doubledecker connector between the two towers that is not fully conncected to either buidling – like, woah! – to allow for movements during high winds and other inclement weathers. 

An architectural masterpiece.


Menara Kuala Lumpur: panoramic heaven
High point 2: panoramics from the Kuala Lumpur Tower

Views from the world's tallest twin towers not quite enough for your high-flying hankerings?

No problem. Malaysia has more.

You just need to shimmy 1.5km west of the PETRONS Towers and visit the 15-story, 421m tall telecommunication tower known as the Menara Kuala Lumnpur.

There's a stairwell and elevator to reach the upper area where you'll find a revolving resturant allowing you to guzzle gorgeous Malaysian delicacies while ogling the city streets below.

It's the highest viewpoint in Kuala Lumpur that is open to the public and every year there is a race to see who can run the fastest to the top.

Probably a step too far in most of our itineraries though…

Batu Caves: scaling new heights of natural beauty
High point 3: Divinity and adventure at Batu Caves

Located slightly outside of Kuala Lumpur in the suburb of Belangor, there are more incredible sights and experinces to be had at the extraordinary Batu Caves.

One of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India, the incredible 400-million-year-old limestone cliffs are peppered with glorious caves and intricately carved temples.

There's some truly magical flora and fauna to be gawped at and Instagrammed.

Wild monkeys and the area's famous cave-dwelling bats animate the surroundings.

You can climb and hike the area till your heart's content with over 160 routes and treks for experts and beginners alike.

And you can even abseil, should you want to go one adventurous step further.

Another marvel in magical Malaysia. 


Malaysian Airlines operate routes to Kuala Lumpur from HEathrow. It's a breath-taking, eye-opening place that can take you to incredible heights and so much more.