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Maria Asaad
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Winter can be wonderful, but after weeks of bitter weather, short days and dark skies, the time has certainly come to plan your spring holiday and look forward to exploring the world again. We’ve picked some spectacular spring break destinations, all accessible via Heathrow. This time we visit Dubai. 

The buzz and excitement of the Metropolitan city Dubai can be felt all year round, but it's not always easy to enjoy thanks to the scorching temperatures the country experiences in its hotter summer months. 

Visiting Dubai in the spring means you can still bask in long hours of sunshine, without having to endure the unbearable heat that this desert-surrounded country sees from June to August.

The weather in the UAE between the months March and May is pleasant enough to enjoy warmer sea temperatures for a lovely dip in the sea whilst making the most of those cooler evenings, ideal for some alfresco dining after sunset. 

Springtime in Dubai is also ideal for exploring the array of outdoor markets around the city, soaking up the culture and breathing in the deliciously fragrant spices and Arabian oud that fills the air. 

If you’re after a bit more adventure and family fun, then venture down to Jumeriah Palm where the world-famous Atlantis Hotel offers a number of water sports and exciting activities for all ages.

So, whether it’s a chilled and relaxing holiday topping up on some much-needed Vitamin D or an action-packed trip, this Middle Eastern jewel has everything you need for an ideal Spring break.