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Maria Asaad
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Travelling with kids can sometimes feel like a military operation, from making sure you have all the necessary check list items to keeping them entertained till boarding. Here at Heathrow, we have tried our best to keep our airport as kid friendly as possible and provide families with a stress-free and enjoyable airport experience. Check out these top travelling tips and airport services that’ll make travelling with your little ones totally tension-free. 

Give yourself a bit of extra time

You may be a pro solo traveller and have always found an ample amount to time to burn at the airport, however, travelling with a little one is a whole different ball-game. If this is your first time, then we suggest arriving a bit earlier to give yourself some extra time. This will account for any unexpected tantrums, toilet breaks and tiredness your kids may present during your travels that can elongate your journey time from check-in to the gate. 


Pre-book airport services and facilities for an elevated experience

Here at Heathrow, we have number of family-friendly facilities and services to help make your journey with your little ones as smooth as possible. Our Meet and Assist services are available to help guide you though check-in and immigration, as well as help with your bags. This is particularly helpful when flying with kids as they can help take your stroller to the gate, assist in speeding up security and take you from the plane to immigration in a cart once you land. This helps avoid any long and tiresome walks through the airport with your little ones in tow.  

Take the load off

If you’re after a bit of a simpler service, then there is also a Porter Service which is available for assisting with bags and carrying them off you. This is a great option for when carrying a stroller and large bags is a bit too much.

Reserve baby milk ahead

It is also handy to know that at Heathrow parents are able to take up to 2 litres of expressed breast milk and prepared baby milk through security. This means you can carry it in your hand-luggage and not have to worry about feeding your little one on a long flight. If you don’t feel like bringing extra food or milk through security, then we have a brilliant Reserve and Collect service that allows you reserve baby food and other necessities to pick-up and pay for when you arrive in the airport. 

Relax as a family before your flight

Another way to make the journey with your kids a little simpler and more comfortable is by booking a kid-friendly lounge for the whole family to enjoy and relax in before take-off. It certainly beats being crammed into a tight space when everyone is tired and stressed. Opting for a spacious and relaxing lounge is the ideal way to set the tone for your holiday. There are so many facilities for the whole family to enjoy, including freshly prepared buffets, fully stocked bars and even a cinema room for the little ones. Heathrow has a number of lounges that you can pay for and enter without having to be a Business or First-Class passenger. Find out more about our luxury lounge experiences and how to book one for your next family trip here.

Discover the convenience of airport parking

Here at Heathrow, we have several parking options to give you extra comfort and peace of mind as you start your travels. We highly recommend booking Meet and Greet parking if you’re travelling with little ones, as it takes all the stress out of parking. This hassle-free parking experience gives you a designated spot to park as you arrive, whilst one of our trusted members takes the key off your hands for extra peace of mind during your trip. The short stay car park is conveniently located near the airport, so you will have easy access to terminals after you park. The best part is that you will find your car waiting for you as you arrive back home, so no need to wait around with your kids after a long flight and you can get home much quicker! 


It's all fun and games from check in to the gates

We know there can sometimes be a lot of waiting around at the airport, whether that’s during check-in lines or beyond. That’s why we are so thrilled to introduce the exciting Mr Men Adventure game. The Mr. Adventure & Little Miss Explorer game has just launched in time for summer, and it gives little one's access to entertaining online games and activities during their airport journey. Kids can choose from travel themed quizzes to colouring and spot the difference for a whole lot of fun.

The new Mr Men Adventure game also features a parent zone that is filled with useful information such as locations of changing rooms, play areas, essential shops and safety tips. Simply look out for and scan the QR code which can be found on signage and screens located around the airport.

If your child is still a bit too young for electronics or online games, then check out the list of soft play areas in each terminal to ensure your child, no matter their age, has a fun-filled time travelling through Heathrow this summer:

Christmas fun with Mr. Adventure
Entertain your little ones

Speed through security swiftly and securely

When it comes to passing through security with your little ones, there are some things you may want to consider to make your experience a bit simpler and smoother. Here are our top security tips when it comes to travelling with kids:

  • Toys – there is no limit to the number of toys your kids can take on board and through security, although air carriers will apply limits to how much cabin baggage each passenger can carry. There are restrictions on certain toys that may have the appearance of firearms or other prohibited items.
  • Searches – there is no age limit, and all passengers are subject to screening and potential searches. For minors, parents or guardians are requested to witness the search.
  • Strollers – should be folded down and screened by X-Ray. For larger strollers, the security team will advise on how this will be screened.
  • Travel documents - only boarding passes are required to present their tickets. Families should not use the automated gates, instead present documents to the Security Officer at the desk.
  • Baby milk/food – baby food is permitted in quantities reasonable for the journey and any potential delays. The journey includes travel to the airport, the flight and any connecting flights and travel to home/hotel on arrival. All excess must be placed in the hold baggage.
  • Travelling solo with a baby – the parent may carry the baby through the metal detector. If a search is required, the security team will explain how this will be completed. 

Fabulous freebies for your youngsters

Kids eat free at slected restaurants

To add that extra bit of flavour to your travels, we are bringing back our Kids Eat Free promotion for the summer. Various restaurants in the airport will be offering free meals for kids during the summer period. Every time an adult meal is ordered off the main menu, a child meal is given to your little one for free. We have so many family-friendly restaurants in each terminal, so you and your family won’t be short of choice this summer as you travel through Heathrow.

Kids travel free on Heathrow Express

Your kids can also travel to and from the airport for free on the Heathrow Express, the easiest and most comfortable way to travel from Heathrow Airport to Central London. It takes only 15 minutes to get from the airport to Paddington Station. Kids aged 15 and under can ride the Heathrow Express for free when with a paying adult, even in Business Class! So, start your family holiday in style without breaking your budget this summer.