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Maria Asaad
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China is a country filled with culture, history and distinctive delicacies. For a unique and unforgettable adventure, check out these cites which are absolute hidden gems, offering enchanting qualities that radiate a lively and cosy ambiance – all of which are within reach flying direct from the UK’s most connected airport.


Ancient City Wall Ruins Park in Xi'an is a representation of the Ming Dynasty.


Xi’an is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience authentic China with its traditional and historical atmosphere. Everywhere you turn, you can witness China’s traditional architectural style that the city has so proudly preserved over the years.This ancient city is steeped in rich history and plays a significant role in China’s heritage after serving as the capital for thirteen dynasties.

It displays several impressive ancient city buildings and structures, such as the Bell Tower, Terracotta Warriors, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Ancient City Wall, all of which are a must-see in the city. They are a beautiful representation of the grand Tang and Han dynasties. Xi’an hosts the annual lantern festival ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year. 

This incredible city of heritage is also renowned for its unique delicacies, which are another fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture of this place. Dishes include Yangrou Paomo (crumbled unleavened bread in mutton soup) and Roujiamo (Chinese hamburger). 

Chengdu is a place of culinary delights and a place you can really treat your tastebuds, Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley are great for authentic street food.


Chengdu is proudly referred to as the ‘Land of Abundance’ with its blend of various architectural styles. You will find ancient landmarks such as Du Fu Thatched Cottage and the Wuhou Shrine for a glimpse of historical presence in the midst of modern skyscrapers like the IFS International Finance Centre for a juxtaposition of cityscapes.

This Chinese city has so much to offer with a mix of fun and authentic experiences; there really is something for everyone to enjoy in this incredible place. Chengdu is also a great place for animal lovers, as it is the home of the panda, considered to be the protected national treasure of China. You can visit the adorable animals at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

It is also a great place for adventurous foodies as it is famous for its culinary delights, including hot pot, spicy braised dishes, skewers, ice powder, brown sugar rice cakes, and pig’s trotters. You can visit the ancient streets of Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley to get your hands on some of these delicious dishes, grab some souvenirs and browse local folk art. 

Shenzhen Futian CBD financial district skyline is a distinctive and iconic view of the city, as a representation of this more modernised city in China.


If you want more modern and vibrant energy during your trip to China, Shenzhen is the place for you. It is highly recognised for its dynamic urban landscape that captures your attention from the moment you see this city.

Shenzhen is ideal for travellers that enjoy many different experiences during their travels, with many varied and fun activities to immerse into. It is a vibrant and thriving commercial hub that is home to a number of youth culture centres and art venues.

Shenzhen is also a great place to visit if you are an adrenaline junkie or enjoy more entertaining cultural experiences during your trip. There is Shenzhen Amusement Park, filled with fun and thrilling rides, and Windows of the World, a theme park with over 130 reproductions of some of the most famous worldwide tourist attractions.

Ancient Chinese architectural landscapes on Yuelu mountain in Changsha are iconic to the city.


Changsha is a vibrant cultural hub known for its contemporary and modern vibe, with its mansions and tall buildings that symbolise the prosperity of past Chinese heritage. It has the perfect mix of traditional and modern elements for those wanting to experience a metropolis city in China whilst gaining a sense of historical symbolism.

It is an up-and-coming city that has recently become incredibly popular for travellers after a short trip to China. The trendy destination offers travellers eye-catching cultural landscapes, such as Juzi Island and Yuelu Mountain.

Visitors can indulge in a cup of milk tea, the signature drink of the Far East, at Cha Yan Yue Se café. The renowned and popular milk shop has long queues of travellers and locals eager to taste the delicious drink.