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Stuart Messham
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A glorious hubbub of aroma, taste and bangarang that will appeal to curious tourists ready to mingle with the locals and learn more about Grenadian culture.

Known in Grenada as “the town that never sleeps”, Gouyave is a fishing village situated in the northwest of the island about 45 minutes from the main hotel district in the south.

It’s a 9,000-strong, noisy, action-packed place full of Caribbean characters, and every Friday night it comes alive with steel drums, lashings of fruity booze and the best seafood dishes in the whole of the island.

The salty shindig – 95% adult, mostly locals – starts at 6pm with some seafood pilgrims stopping at bars like Pappy’s in Concord en route to sample some Grenada wine and settle gently into the spirit.


On arrival, local vendors line the streets with their grills, steamers and cookers ready to tempt your tastebuds with fish cakes, shrimp, jerked marlin, kebabs, barbecued snapper, fry jacks, conch, lobster and fish cakes.

Let's talk about the fish cakes…

They are made from cod and pollock that has been shredded and deep-fried – and they are just divine.

In fact, the choice is so delectable and overwhelming, we recommend you try a little of everything. After all, if you don't sample it, how will you ever know what you're missing?


[Note: this isn’t pre-packaged tourist fare, it’s a glorious hubbub of aroma and bangarang that probably doesn’t suit children or those unwilling to mingle. However, if you are willing to mix it up with the locals and open to learning more about the local culture, make sure you keep a Grenadian Friday free.]


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