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Heathrow’s Hidden Gems – Be Relax Spa

Maria Asaad
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If you have ever had the pleasure of travelling through Heathrow’s Terminal 5, then you have most likely come across the alluring Be Relax Spa. As one of Heathrow’s hidden gems, it is a great place to unwind and relax before a flight.

What is Be Relax Spa?

Most of us can’t wait to jump on board our flight, which will take us on a rejuvenating holiday that will make us feel “brand new” again. Relaxation can be achieved long before you reach the sun lounger at your awaiting resort, with a quick visit to Be Relax for one of their several restorative treatments.

Be Relax has become a global wellness pioneer with a presence in nine countries worldwide and 40 spas providing the best in-house treatments to get you travel-ready. They offer an array of relaxing therapies, from massages to facials, as well as manicures and pedicures, to get you looking your best for your upcoming holiday.

So, whether you have time to spare and wouldn’t mind unwinding before a flight or you need a last-minute beauty treatment, Be Relax is there to provide all your well-being needs and beyond.


Use your time at the airport to get your nails travel-ready.
A pre-travel massage eases stress and tension, making your flight more comfortable.
A facial hydrates your skin, combating dry cabin air for a radiant arrival.

Wellness Wednesdays for the win!

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling mid-week on a Wednesday, then you’ll have the chance to take advantage of the wonderful ‘Wellness Wednesday’ promotion that takes place every week at Be Relax in Heathrow.

Wellness Wednesday provides a tailored menu with discounted treatments for those wanting a little extra pampering during their mid-week travels. The Be Relax staff also promote key well-being messages to customers with four main mantras:

  1. ‘Be healthy’
  2. ‘Be inspired’
  3. ‘Be creative’
  4. ‘Be helpful’

Both staff and customers benefit mentally as well as physically through various self-care tips and wellness advice that are encouraged on a weekly basis.

Terminals 5’s Be Relax Spa’s

There are two Be Relax Spas that you can visit in Heathrow’s Terminal 5. The main Spa is located right next to gate 35, but there is also a pop-up spa opposite gate A18 by Aspire Lounge.

The best thing about Be Relax Spa is that you can walk in and ask for a treatment, which will be provided there and then. This is ideal if you have a delayed flight and have ample time to spare. You can also book by clicking the button below and giving them a call or dropping them an email.

They also have a fantastic range of travel and wellness products, from cordless massages to neck pillows if you fancy making a long-haul flight that little bit more comfortable.

The Be Relax Spa accepts all foreign currency, and an array of free treatments are included if you have a Priority Pass membership

Pre flight pamper

Book now or find out more.