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  • COVID-19 restrictions

    You are able to drop-off your loved ones as normal, but to help everyone keep safe, you will not be able to enter the terminal if you are not a passenger. 

    During this difficult time, we ask that you only enter the terminal if absolutely necessary. If you are helping someone into the terminal who requires assistance before they have been greeted by the care team, then you are exempt. 

    Find each other at Heathrow

    Find each other at Heathrow

    Every terminal has easy to spot meeting points, so you can always find your friends, family and fellow travellers.

    Find each other at Heathrow

    Find your meeting point

    Find each other at Heathrow


    See when they land

    See live arrivals for all flights and know you’ll be there in time to meet passengers off the plane.

    Find each other at Heathrow


    Once a flight has landed, it generally takes 30-40 minutes to go through passport control and collect baggage. It could take a bit longer in busy periods.

    Parking at Heathrow

    Please note that waiting isn’t permitted in the terminal forecourt, so find a parking spot if you’re picking up passengers. 



    The Heathrow app keeps you up to date with live flight updates on the go.