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Still a bit confused about travelling in a post-COVID world? This handy guide is here to help.

The world has re-opened to international adventure, but it’s still important for anyone travelling abroad to plan carefully before you travel, be aware of any restrictions at your destination and behave sensibly and appropriately throughout your journey.


Top tips to consider before your trip

  1. Make sure you have the latest information

    Testing and vaccination requirements can change for different destinations and at any time, so it’s crucial to check the COVID-19 rules and regulations of your travel country until your departure date.

    Please note that there are no longer any Covid-19 testing centres available at Heathrow. However, you can explore alternative testing options in your local community, private clinics, or healthcare providers. Ensure that the chosen testing provider meets the requirements specified by your destination country.

  2. Make sure you have travel insurance

    Travel insurance is not an irrelevant expense or an unwanted hassle, it:

    - Covers you in case of an emergency – such as illness, injury, lost/stolen luggage, cancelled flights, damaged electronics or any other unexpected circumstance.

    - Gives you access to first-rate assistance services – helping you to find the best hospital on foreign shores, fill out any claims and anything else you may require.

    - Offers all-important peace of mind – allowing you to enjoy your trip more.

  3. Prepare your travel documents

    Double-check you have all your documents in a safe but accessible place in your hand luggage, including passport/visas, boarding passes, vaccination certificate, health insurance cards/documents and travel insurance information. It’s also a good idea to make copies of all your documents in case you misplace your bag/purse/wallet.

  4. Make sure your phone is fully charged before going to the airport

    You never know when you’ll get access to another charge point and when you’ll need to access information on your phone.

Tips to consider during your journey

  1. Travel “hands-free” and go digital where possible

    Where you can, you should download any documentation to your smartphone, including vaccination passes and boarding passes. Fewer documents to juggle and less stuff for busy airport staff to handle.

  2. Download the Heathrow app

    You can track flights, access live queue times, book parking, discover shopping and dining and even pre-order your food or beverages on the Heathrow app, making it the ideal travel companion.

  3. Practise general Covid etiquette when at the airport

    You know the drill: wash your hands regularly, cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze and try to behave in a mindful way towards other passengers at all times.

  4. Things to consider taking to protect yourself and those around you:

    - Extra face masks

    - Hand sanitiser

    - Disinfectant wipes

    - Personal water bottle

Remember: Stay vigilant and have a good time!

Let's not forget travelling is all about having fun.

So be mindful of others in busy environments, be kind to other passengers where you can and do everything possible to have the best trip you can.

Bon voyage! ✈️