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Local community

Find out what we do to help our local communities and the wider environment, from planning sustainable growth to providing grant aid for organisations

Our intention is to improve the daily lives of our neighbours and colleagues by investing in our communities, through funding and other initiatives. To achieve this, we produced a refreshed Heathrow Sustainability 2.0 Strategy which aims to:


We must also be a valuable neighbour for those that live closest to us, making sure that these communities benefit from cleaner air, quieter nights and improved quality of life.​​

​Our proximity to London is a great advantage for passengers, but it also means the airport is located next to many homes and communities, and we want to make sure we are as positive a neighbour as possible.​


Giving Something Back

Discover how Heathrow is working with local communities to make the areas around the airport a better place to live.


Funding & Community Partnerships

Do you have a local community project that needs Heathrow’s support?


Bothered by noise?

Working towards a quieter Heathrow​


Get in touch

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with our Community Team