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Lost something on the plane?

If you've left something on the plane, contact your airline.


Lost something at Heathrow?

All lost property at Heathrow is managed by Smarte Carte UK Ltd. You can use their online database to search for your items. We store all lost property items for three months from the date it was found or handed in. If you've lost something in the terminal, follow these steps to get your missing items back.

  • Search our database
    Search our database

    Everything handed in goes on our lost property database. Search at to see if your property has been found. It can take between 24 and 48 hours for items to appear on the database.

    Search now
  • Claim property online
    Claim property online

    If you find your property on the database, use the online contact form to start the matching process.

  • Tell us where to send it
    Tell us where to send it

    If the property is yours, we’ll give you a code. Go to, type in your code, pay the service fee and tell us where to send it.

  • How much does it cost?
    How much does it cost?

    You only pay a service fee if you want to reclaim your item. Charges range from nothing to £25 for each item. Add postage and packing if you want us to send your item to you.

£5 charge £15 charge £25 charge
Hats/gloves/scarves Keys Laptops
Glasses Purses/wallets Cameras/video cameras
Umbrellas kindles/e-readers Tablets
Books Games Mobiles
Educational materials Memory sticks Passports
Blankets ID cards Jackets
Pillows Clothes Jewellery
  Household goods Suitcases/bags


Contact Smarte Carte UK Ltd

Lost or delayed baggage

If you've checked in baggage and it hasn't arrived, contact your airline directly.