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Stuart Messham
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Calling all tequila lovers: Bacardi Global Travel Retail has partnered with Dufry, JC Decaux and Heathrow Airport to create a unique celebration of PATRÓN Tequila, the world’s number one super-premium tequila and the tequila leader in travel retail.*
The structure and lattice work of the T5 pop-up mirrors the shape and texture of the crucial piña part of the agave plant.

If you’re travelling through Heathrow Terminal 5 from now until end of Dec 2022, you’re in for a head-turning, mouth-watering treat: the brand-new ‘Experiencia PATRÓN’ pop-up from Bacardi Global Travel Retail.

Its design features a structure of pale latticework inspired by the shape and texture of the piña of the agave plant, curving around the brand displays, with a golden PATRÓN Tequila bee logo hovering over them to the rear. Why the piña pattern? Because PATRÓN Tequila cuts close to the heart of the agave plant to ensure only the sweetest part is used in the making of PATRÓN Tequila.

A dedicated bartender will be available in the space offering visitors the chance to sample the versatility of the PATRÓN Tequila range in prestige cocktail making. As you sip, QR codes at the cocktail bar will help tell the story of the brand.

At the centre of the pop-up is a contoured display stand continuing the storytelling elements of the PATRÓN Tequila brand with seven beautifully illustrated, printed cards taking consumers through its creation from agave plant harvesting to bottle design.

PATRÓN is one of the few brands that makes tequila by hand using an artisanal production process to achieve perfection in every drop.

This level of attention is reflected at the dedicated gifting station located on one side of the pop-up.  Here shoppers have the opportunity for purchases to be gift wrapped and finished with a colorful ribbon from the colours of the core PATRÓN Tequila portfolio. A bee-shaped card is also available for customers to write their own personal messages.

Try before you buy with one of PATRÓN's dedicated on-site bartenders.
PATRÓN Tequila cuts close to the heart of the agave plant to ensure only the sweetest part is used in the making of PATRÓN Tequila.

PATRÓN en Lalique display

PATRÓN en Lalique: Serie 3 – a limited series featuring 299 exclusive bottles to be released worldwide – has its own eye-catching display inspired by Lalique’s impressive crystal craftsmanship. 

PATRÓN and Lalique have a shared narrative of authenticity, craft and connoisseurship that is explained in footage on a large screen.

Lalique bottles are presented, museum style, in a glass vitrine display, with QR codes guiding consumers to a dedicated discovery website to learn more.

PATRÓN en Lalique: Serie 3 is super-exclusive series with only 299 bottles to be released worldwide.

About PATRÓN en Lalique: Serie 3

PATRÓN en Lalique: Serie 3 showcases true art through a mutual devotion to handcrafted detail and a tireless dedication to perfection. While the liquid is a remarkable blend of rare extra añejo tequilas, the design of the crystal decanter, created by Marc Larminaux, Lalique’s Artistic and Creative Director, is an artistic interpretation of the agave plant. PATRÓN en Lalique: Serie 3 tells the story of where PATRÓN Tequila is sourced and crafted and falls in line with the timeless theme of nature.

For this release, PATRÓN Tequila Master Distiller David Rodriguez and his team masterfully curated a blend of extra añejo tequilas that is so rare, it can never be replicated. 14 different tequilas each aged for up to 8 years in French and American oak casks were hand selected and combined to create PATRÓN en LALIQUE: Serie 3. The liquid is marked by its crystalline colour and sweet and smooth taste featuring hints of spices, dried fruits, sherry wine and intense wood.

Each decanter is handmade and individually numbered at LALIQUE's factory in Wingen-sur-Moder, in Alsace, France by a team of expert glassmakers using modern and traditional techniques. 

Every purchase will be wrapped by hand and totally unique to the customer.

*figures reported by IWSR 2021