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Departure lounge and boarding  

After completing check-in, bag drop and security, you’ll find yourself in the departure lounge. Here’s how to ensure you catch your flight – and what to do if you’ve time to spare.

How long do you have?

Gate numbers are usually confirmed about 45 minutes before departure. Keep an eye on the information screens in the departure lounge, or use this site (or our smartphone app).

Live flight departures

Things to do in the departure lounge

There's plenty to do in departures at Heathrow, whether you're looking for entertainment, peace and quiet or just somewhere to work.

  • Work

    Free charging stations for laptops and mobile devices and free Wi‑Fi for the duration of your stay at Heathrow

    Wi-Fi at Heathrow

  • Shopping

    We’ve won awards for the range and quality of our shops. You’ll find everything from plug adapters to designer fashions.

    Reserve it at Heathrow Boutique

  • Pamper yourself

    Enjoy a makeover or a massage.

    Relax at Heathrow

  • Food and drink

    Whether you want a snack on the hop or three-course fine dining, you have a world-class selection of restaurants, bars and cafés to choose from.

    Restaurants in the terminal

  • Escape the crowds

    Enjoy VIP treatment, whoever you fly with. Book into an airport lounge and find some personal space plus free refreshments.

    Book a lounge

Time to gate

Approximate walking times from the centre of the departure lounge

Departure gate:
Estimated time: 00 minutes

Boarding your flight

Gates are usually confirmed when the flight is ready for boarding (about 45 minutes before departure). Even if it's a flight you take regularly, we recommend you remain in the departure lounge until your flight status shows 'Go to gate' – that way you won't be delayed if there's a last-minute change.

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