Face covering requirements

As we continue to welcome passengers from around the world, wearing a face covering remains mandatory whilst in our terminals (including our bus stations and railway platforms) - except for those who are exempt. 


We also ask passengers to respect social distancing wherever possible.

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  • From October 2021, Heathrow will be introducing a charge for vehicles dropping off passengers at its terminal forecourts. A £5 charge per visit will apply to use the designated drop-off zones located directly outside the airport terminals.

    The Terminal Drop-Off Charge will apply to all vehicles entering the forecourts of Heathrow’s terminals, although some exceptions will apply, such as blue badge holders and emergency vehicles. The forecourts are the easiest and quickest way to drop off passengers.

    Our car parks remain available, and normal charges apply. This will not impact passenger pick up, which should continue via the car parks, as picking up passengers is not permitted on the terminal forecourts.

    More details on the scheme, registering your vehicle, and making payments will be published in due course. Please continue to check this page for more information.

    Terminal Drop-Off Charge FAQs

    Terminal Drop-Off Charge - things to note

    1. The Terminal Drop-Off Charge will be in place from October 2021

    2. A £5 charge per visit to the drop-off zones will apply

    3. The Terminal Drop-Off Charge is payable online, via mobile phone, automated telephone service or by autopay functionality

    4. The service is operated via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) - there are no barriers in the Drop Off area 

    Alternative drop off

    Free drop-off will be available at the Long Stay terminal car parks, with free bus transfer to the terminals.

    Additional information

    There will be clear signage on roads in and around the airport to ensure drivers are fully aware of chargeable areas. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will be used to enforce the charge and Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) will be issued to vehicle owners if payment is not received. Payment information will be shared ahead of the scheme launch.

    The charge will be £5 per vehicle for each entry into the charging zones. The charge can be paid online, via mobile phone or automated telephone service.

    Heathrow’s car parks will continue to operate as normal.
    Heathrow parking options

    Free drop off options are available at Heathrow’s long stay car parks, where passengers can take a free bus transfer to the terminal.
    Long stay car parking

    Exemptions will apply for blue badge holders, operational vehicles, emergency services, motorcycles, coaches, and colleague buses. More information on exemptions and registration will be provided ahead of the launch of the scheme.

    Taxis and private hire vehicles will not be exempt from the Terminal Drop Off Charge.

    We have always said that we would consider introducing a form of road user charging and several other approaches to improve air quality and reduce congestion at Heathrow in our 2.0 Sustainability Blueprint and in the Airport Expansion Consultation documentation.

    This charge forms part of our updated Surface Access strategy and sustainable travel plans. We updated these plans after reviews were conducted of all airport projects in light of the collapse in passenger numbers experienced at Heathrow due to the impacts of the pandemic and the subsequent loss of £5 million a day. This review included looking at Surface Access projects with the aim being that environmental impacts will continue to be prioritised and reduced, whilst we also protect the business and jobs. This charge goes some way in helping us to achieve this.  

    The Terminal Drop Off Charge replaces our previous plans to introduce a Heathrow Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (HULEZ) by 2022 and a Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge (HVAC) ahead of the opening of the third runway, which would have incurred a £10-£15 charge. 

    The revised Surface Access plan ensures Heathrow remains able to meet its long-term public transport goals, which includes reducing congestion on the roads around the airport and improving local air quality. Revenue raised through the charge will be used to offset airport costs, including future sustainable transport investments, as well as helping to lower passenger charges.

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