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Fabulous fragrances fit for Royalty

Heathrow is proud to present our Royal Warranted brands that showcase the very best of British offer signature scents fit for Royalty.

Maria Asaad
Beauty and fragrance, Shopping, Sustainability,

Make your next airport trip extra special by indulging your senses and taking them on a luxury trip before you even board the plane. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, nothing shows you care more than a bottle of divine smelling spritz that can be enjoyed on holiday and at home. Let your holiday fun begin with an exciting trip to the incredible World Duty Free, there you will find renowned named brands with fragrances that last well into the future, whilst holding a heritage of class and creativity dating back decades.

Heathrow is proud to present our Royal Warranted brands that showcase the very best of British offer signature scents fit for Royalty. Brands such as Atkinson’s London 1799, Molton Brown and Thameen are just a few of the names that have added a touch of extra majestic class to their fragrance lines in honour of the King’s Coronation.


Penhaligon’s presents Highgrove Boutique 

In honour of the Coronation of King Charles III, Penhaligon’s and HRH have joined forces to release the Highgrove Boutique Collection, an exclusive Eu de Parfum that encapsulates the King’s commitment to sustainability alongside Penhaligon’s passion for sublime smells that tantalize the senses. 

Highgrove is home to His Majesty

Highgrove is the private residents of the newly appointed His Majesty, King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort. The outdoor space and surrounding gardens at Highgrove really display His Majesty’s zeal and dedication to sustainability. Wildlife inhabiting the gardens are encouraged to live in a harmonious environment through the organic practices put in place. 

The King founded The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund in 1979 and has continued to venture into identifying and leading charitable needs for the past several decades. The fund will receive 10% of all proceeds made from the Highgrove Boutique Collection for the campaign's duration. 

Taking sustainability seriously 

The gardens and estate at Highgrove are all managed by King Charles III, with sustainability at the forefront of all his decisions. Recycling waste material and practices in ethical management mean the land flourishes in harmony with nature. 

The Highgrove Boutique Collection is made from responsibly resourced ingredients and materials to ensure that excellence is achieved whilst in keeping with the principles of His Majesty and Penhaligon’s. Everything that goes into these stunning scents is produced, grown and made in ways that go above and beyond, making conscious efforts to positively impact both people and the planet. 

Floral with a yellow velvet softness and a sparkling freshness with a sensual and woody touch of tuberose, cedarwood and musk.

Atkinson’s London 1799

The Atkinson story starts way back in the late 1700’s when a young gentleman that went by the name James Atkinson, left the rugged climes of North England to pursue his dream of achieving fame, fortune and fabulousness on the glittering streets of London. Soon enough, the Atkinson’s brand was thriving and his perfume emporium in Soho was buzzing with an array of eager clientele, pulled in by the glorious wafts of Atkinson’s scents delighting their nostrils. The Atkinson’s brand quickly got national and global recognition with several nods from aristocrats and royalty from all over the world enjoying the sublime smells of Atkinsons’ colognes.

His Majesty the Oud

Think rich, masculine and smoky. No, we’re not talking about whisky, cigars or brooding legends of the silver screen, but Atkinsons His Majesty Your Oud, a potent eau de parfum inspired by the charm and magnetism of King Faisal I. Who is King Faisal, you may well ask? A trusted confidante and ally of British spies Gertrude Bell and Lawrence of Arabia, he was renowned for his bold elegance and visionary leadership. Lapsang souchong tea mingles with the sweet heady fragrance of cloves, while undertones of musky, seductive Oud and luxurious leather evoke the scent of the saddles he rode upon as he galloped fearlessly through the golden sands of Egyptian deserts. This is no ordinary scent, but a sophisticated fragrance that is as decisive and charismatic as the King himself.

Oud Save the King

Inspired by the forbidden love story between Crown Prince Mohammed Ali Ibrahim of Egypt and the American movie star Mabel Normand, Atkinsons Oud Save The King is a gloriously sensuous and luxurious fragrance. Celebrating his affection for all things British and love for Mabel, it blends the distinctive aroma of her favourite tea, Earl Grey, with Suede’s rich, leathery tones. But, at the end of the day, he is an Egyptian prince, and there’s no getting away from his exotic roots, hence the sensuous, alluring hints of sandalwood and musky Oud that make for a sophisticated, majestic fragrance fit for a king. Or even a crown prince.

A distinctive aroma of Earl Grey, with the rich, leathery tones of Suede accord.

Molton Brown

Molton Brown has been an enduring iconic brand, encapsulating true British style since its birth in London during the early 1970’s. It has continued to evolve and create sublime and intriguing Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette collections by working alongside progressive perfumers that are masters in the field.

Molton Brown’s empowering products are sustainably created with a unique and vegetarian formula, for the very best sensory experience that inspires and encourages individuality. Cruelty-free and Made in England, each scent embodies the highest quality of passion and originality. Molton Brown are proud to hold a Royal Warrant for the supply of toiletries by appointment to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Fragrance Collection is the latest exquisite creation by Molton Brown. Designed by Luxury Packaging Designer, Vincent Villeger, the collection is heritage-inspired with a contemporary take on their 1970’s legacy.

Indulge your senses and treat them to a small but mighty bottle of magic that’ll have you feeling and smelling like absolute royalty throughout your trip by reserving and collecting ahead of your journey.

Heavenly Gingerlily: Fresh ginger and cardamom intermingle with tuberose and lily, deepened with an olfactive signature of hyacinth.

Thameen London

Born in London in 2013, Thameen London brings stories of British cultures and heritage through their carefully crafted sublime scents. Each fragrance from Thameen tells a unique story under the craftsmanship of world-renowned expert perfumers. Made from sustainable ingredients, they don’t harm the environment while still delivering the highest quality of supreme smells.

Earlier this year, Thameen London proudly announced the launch of The Britologne Collection, a distinct unification of the words British and Cologne. The new collection encapsulates both complexity and longevity through creative harmonies.

The classic cube-shaped Thameen London bottle is given a minor makeover for this brand-new collection, as fragrances are presented in clear-frosted glass to show the brand’s new luxury range. The bottle is finished with the brand’s signature blue lettering and a solid gloss silver magnetic cap.

It smells genderful by being inclusive of all genders and identities, which gives the fragrance an air of nonchalant olfactive anarchy.