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Candles & Oud comes to Heathrow

We are excited to launch the newest luxury brand on Reserve and Collect, the sophisticated and suave Candle & Oud.

Maria Asaad
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Creating magical moments with the finest ingredients 

A unique and encapsulating smell can take your senses on a tremendous journey and create a magnificent moment that you will remember for some time. Nothing is more distinctive and exceptional than the smell of oud and the long-lasting linger it creates. The rare and luxurious ingredient is a fine combination of subtle smoky aromas mixed with fresh floral fragrances to create opulent odours that are sensational to smell.  

Candles and Oud creates all their bespoke perfumes in-house with the best perfumers in London, infusing together the highest-quality ingredients to create the most exceptional bottled perfumes. 


We create unique Oud-infused blends for candle and fragrance lovers seeking to turn ordinary days into extraordinary moments that make you feel exceptional.

Candles & Oud


Sustainability at the source 

Candles and Oud not only take their ingredients seriously, but how their packaged and delivered is also at the forefront of what they do. They have carefully handpicked all the manufacturing partners that share a mutual philosophy for saving the planet. 

They have a shared commitment to using renewable energy, minimising carbon emissions, and endorsing processes that are friendly to the planet. 

All of the packaging used for Candles and Oud’s products are 100% recyclable and they are continually revisiting their commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring their evolve as they continue to grow.  


Exclusively at Heathrow 

You can now shop the elite brand online and collect your selected items from the airport ahead of your travels. All the online products will have an exclusive airport price tag, 10% off the usual retail price. 

The fabulous range of candles and fragrances showcased online are some of the brand’s finest products and are well worth the purchase, whether treating yourself or picking up a gift for a loved one during your travels.