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Stuart Messham
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Winter can be wonderful, but after weeks of bitter weather, short days and dark skies, the time has certainly come to plan your spring holiday and look forward to exploring the world again. We’ve picked some spectacular spring break destinations, all accessible via Heathrow. This time, we pay a visit to the 'City of Lights', Lisbon…

Lisbon enjoys a Mediterranean climate with the average temperature in March, April and May a comfortable 19-25ºC. There's a small chance of showers, but nothing a lightweight, hooded rain jacket won’t fend off.

The city is just gorgeous this time of year: it sits on the widest stretch of the Tagus River, which acts like a huge mirror reflecting sunbeams over its glorious expanse. Lisbon's captivating architecture gleams, its colourful people glow and the whole palce exudes an invigorating vibrancy that feels much farther removed than a simple two-hour flight.

Strolling the city in laidback leisurewear is a given and there’s plenty of interesting stuff to make a beeline for.

In the city’s oldest botanical garden, Jardim Botânico d’Ajuda, you can visit the special fragrance garden that’s designed to enjoy flowers by scent and has a sign beside every new specimen with a braille description for the blind.

You can take a revitalising stroll along the Tagus River from the historic gateway to the city, revealing the fairytale Belém Tower and the futuristic MAAT museum. 

Kick back with an artisanal ice cream in Parque das Nações – aka 'Oriente' or 'Expo' – a centuries-old neighbourhood with a gondola and two beautiful boardwalks.

And be totally inspired at the Monserrate Palace in Sintra: a muse for writers, poets and romantics the world over.

Lisbon: We ❤️ you.

(And in spring, even more so.)