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If you are looking for a destination that offers a wonderful mix of rich culture and cosmopolitan fun, then you may find everything you’re looking for in beautiful Buenos Aires. Argentina’s capital city is brimmed with delicious food and a fantastic music and art scene that doesn’t compare to many other places in the world.

It has an undeniable energy and lust for life, most felt in the city’s marvellous milongas (dance halls) and art-filled streets with locals dancing the day away. There is so much to see and do in this sensational city, most of which is completely free, leaving you with more spending money to enjoy a luxury steak dinner with a glass of robust red. Here are some Buenos Aires experiences you won’t want to miss out on. 


Discover the stunning San Telmo barrio

San Telmo’s barrio is a concrete jungle of faded majesty and alternative spirit. The laid-back atmosphere and relaxed nature of the area allows travellers to enjoy the intriguing essence of this Argentinian region.

There is a sense of antiquity in the neighbourhood with its sophisticated and dated architecture that tell a historical story of wonder and intrigue. The crumbling buildings give a nod to the district’s 19th-century glory days before the yellow fever and cholera epidemic drove out the aristocratic Spanish families that once navigated these impressive, cobbled streets in their horse-drawn carriages.

The poorer immigrants that occupied the region after the epidemic, turned the abandoned mansions into makeshift tenement housing. Today, the gorgeous barrio radiates a humble vibe, with tango clubs, local antique dealers and restaurants inviting a fluid flow of tourists and locals.


Commemorate the past at Cementerio de la Recoleta

The incredible Cementerio de la Recoleta is home to centuries worth of notable historians and key figures in the history of Argentina.

The fascinating cemetery is a labyrinth of small passageways lined with impressive marble monuments and elaborate mausoleums with a grandeur of architectural standing.

Go back in time and learn more about some of the influential individuals that made their mark in the Argentinian history books. Each alleyway offers stunning scenes with impressive stain-glass windows, marble angels and bittersweet poetry carved into stone.


Take the tango at a milonga

A trip to Buenos Aries is incomplete without paying a visit to a milonga to watch, or even better, take part in a tango. The sensual dance is sewn into the fabrics of this lively city and is the perfect way to really experience the spirit of this urban wonderland.

A milonga or tango club is the best place to have an authentic tango experience and mingle with the locals in their favourite activity.

You will find tango nights taking place most nights a week across several venues in the city, with dance classes for those that want to join the action. If you’re not in the dancing mood, simply watching from the sidelines with a glass of wine is an enjoyable enough experience. 


Savour some Argentine wines

If there’s one thing that Argentina is famous for, it’s its world-class wines that provide the highest quality flavour and taste. The most famous wine found in the nation is malbec – a robust, dark, plum-flavoured number from the Mendoza region.

The wine cellars of Argentina are filled with other delicious local varieties that are very much well worth a taste, including fresh torrontés (a dry white), fruity bonarda (a berry-rich red) and earthy pinot noirs.

There are several puertas cerradas (closed-door restaurants) that offer visitors fine wines with their meals. So, if you don’t have a chance to visit a wine boutique during your trip, you are sure to get a taste of the region’s finest wines with your dinner.


Share a steak or two

Aside from the wine, the next best thing that Argentina has to offer is the great-tasting beef that is famous in the region. You will no doubt taste some of the best beef in the world during a trip to Buenos Aires.

There are hundreds of parrillas (steakhouses) in the city that offer a real Argentinian feast. Enjoy a steak big enough to share with a glass of delicious wine for a truly satisfying culinary experience.

There are so many steakhouses and restaurants in the city to suit every budget, so no matter how much you’re looking to spend, this is something that you should definitely tick off your to-do list. Closed-door restaurants also offer meaty asado (barbeque) experiences for those wanting to feed their meaty cravings even more.