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Stuart Messham
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When the credits come down on your stay at the Hotel Paradiso, after letting out an appreciative ripple of applause, you’ll soon be planning a sequel…

At the Hotel Paradiso in Paris’ 12th arrondisement, cinema is everywhere.

A 50ft Charlie Chaplin peers round an exterior wall while Harold Lloyd hangs perilously from a clock alarm on another.

The stairwell is designed to feel as if you're exiting a movie theatre with concrete walls and directions taped on the steps.

There’s a guests-only 17-seat cinema to binge movie marathons of what's playing in the attached six-screen MK2 theatre next door.


You can rent six incredibly comfortable seats in the rather opulent "Loge" room, which overlooks the general audience of one of the public screening rooms below. (You can see them but they can’t see you.)

In the La La Land karaoke suite – with state-of-the-art surround sound – you can swoon like Ryan Gosling and frolic like Emma Stone.

To call reception you dial 007.

And there’s a screen projector in all 36 rooms with access to over 10,000 films. Just give the bedside tablet a swipe or two, your room will gently dim and your movie will begin.


Hotel Paradiso has been open for just over a year and is a cinephile’s delight. Everything about it lures you into a cinematic world where you can be anyone, making the hotel experience at Paradiso both unique and intoxicating.

Everywhere you look are the giants of the silver screen but there’s no doubt about it, the star of your stay is you.



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