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Stuart Messham
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Its drinks are perfectly mixed, likewise its atmosphere and ambience, making Fifty Mils not only one of the best bars in Mexico City, but quite possibly the world…

One of the best boltholes in Mexico City and renowned across the world for its eclectic, unpretentious approach, you’ll find Fifty Mils in the Four Seasons hotel and it’s the kind of hidden gem you will always go back to.

Inhabited mostly by stylish locals and international travellers, you can loaf elegantly at the 7-metre-long marble bar and indulge in one-of-a-kind cocktails made by the world’s finest mixologists.


Less a bar more of a drink lab slash mixology workshop, Philip Bischoff, Ago Dragos, Hidetsugu Ueno, Kate Gerwin, Tony Pescatori, Philip Duff, Tess Posthumus, David Ríos, Tim Philips, Paulo Figueiredo, Lauren Mote, and Jacob Grier are just some of the famous bartenders who’ve shaken their stuff here.

The drinks menu teems with classic cocktails and original creations all made using local ingredients and artisan techniques.


There’s some really incredible food on offer, too.

You can wallow in the comfort of the generously cushioned lounges as you plot your order for the world famous Fifty Mils brunch.

Will it be the flap steak or grilled shrimp tacos? Traditional Spanish “Heuvos Rotos” (broken eggs)? Or perhaps the fried calamari cone or the breaded stingray sandwich?

Available for $950MXN, including 2 x Aperol spritz, the brunch certainly isn’t cheap, but it is both magnificent and medicinal: culinary wizardry that will make hangovers disappear and hanging out top of the menu.


Fifty Mils is open every day of the year from 12pm to 1am.

It has everything you want from a bar and lots of exquisite touches that’ll surprise and delight as you settle in.

The drinks are perfectly mixed and so is the atmosphere and the ambience, making Fifty Mils the perfect spot for swanky late-night boozing, recovery grazing and everything in between.



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