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Maria Asaad
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There are very few places in the world that can be described as picture-perfect, that was until a recent trip to Banff that truly took my breath away. From the serene lakes to the impressive tall trees that line the winding roads, the Canadian Rockies are definitely worth a visit.

There is so much to see and do in Banff, however, it is all dependent on how much time you’re able to spend there. We spent 3 days in Banff National Park and each day served us with extraordinary views and adventure. Here is what we got up to during our stay. 


Falling for Bow Falls

On our first day in Banff, we were after a scenic walk that wasn’t too enduring but still offered spectacular natural views, so we decided to head to Bow Falls Trail. The pathway is short and levelled so you can take it steadily and enjoy your surroundings along the way.

There are lots of spots along the river where you can stop to take some stunning shots before you even reach the falls. Once you reach the falls you can sit along the wide stretch of magnificent water and take in the wonderful views. The falls are small but mighty, making the stroll well worth it.

At the other end of the trail is Bow River Bridge, another key spot in the area to take some good shots on and capture some of the beauty of Banff. Bow Falls is very close to Downtown Banff and easily reachable on foot if you fancy a bit more cardio during your trip. 


Loving Lake Louise

One of the most famous and iconic things to do when in Banff is to spend some time at Lake Louise and take in the gorgeous scenery there. This mesmerising lake provides the most breathtaking views that you’ll want to take in for as long as possible.

We loved our time at Lake Louise and enjoyed it with a steady hike around the lake that allowed for more beautiful views and photo opportunities. Whilst we didn’t canoe on Lake Louise, it is a very popular activity to do there if you have the time to do so.

After our hike, we popped into the Fairmount for a quick toilet break before catching our shuttle back to the car park. There were loads of people having a drink or spot of lunch on the terrace, which again, is a lovely way to spend some time at Lake Louise whilst enjoying the gorgeous scenery. 


Besotted with Banff Avenue

Banff Avenue is a quaint and charming main road filled with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops for tourists to wander around. There are so many side roads branching off the main road that are filled with other shops, so everything your heart desires can be found in Downtown Banff.

The best thing about Banff Avenue is that the main road is blocked off, meaning no cars can enter. This makes it a lot easier to walk freely and provides much more space for pedestrians.

I personally loved walking up and down Banff Avenue and taking in it’s charm and character whilst visiting all the souvenir shops along the way. It also has some really good dessert places, my personal favourites were COW for some seriously tasty ice-cream with wonderfully wacky flavours, and Beavertails, an authentic Canadian dessert that is well worth a try. 


In awe of the amazing views

If you’d like some spectacular panoramic views of Banff then I highly recommend taking the Banff gondola all the way to the top and admiring the views from up there. Once at the top, there is a walkway that allows for more photo opportunities and nature shots from so many different angles and directions.

There is also a restaurant, café and souvenir shop if you’d like to spend more time up there really enjoying and taking in the view.

Another good spot for some birds eye views is Banff view point. We happened to stumble across this during a quiet afternoon, but it was a great unplanned stop. The best part about it is the winding roads to get to it that add to the adventure of the trip. It is a peaceful and stunning place to stop and appreciate Banff in all its beauty and glory.