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Maria Asaad
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Qatar’s capital city has become a spectacular spot for some guaranteed sun and cultural hotspots for a great getaway any time of the year. Doha is a great place to visit, whether it's for a few days of relaxation or a quick stop over as you travel from one end of the world to the other. If you decide to visit this Middle Eastern gem, here are some of the top things to do there if you fancy a break from all the sunbathing. 


Explore the Katara Cultural Centre

The best place to start your trip in Doha is at the Katara Cultural Centre, where you can unwrap and discover the wonderful culture of this charming city. Katara is a massive compound that is made up of a number of attractions and significant cultural buildings that showcase the various sports, art and religious key markers of the country.

Katara also hosts some of the most iconic landmarks in Doha, such as the Golden Mosque and Katara Mosque, which are an absolute must-see in the city. They are impressive structural sights that are eye-catching from afar and two important religious sites in Qatar.

The famous Village has several other attractions and sights to explore, from a planetarium to a 5000-seater amphitheatre, as well as a massive garden area and the gorgeous Katara Beach for those who prefer spending their time outdoors in the sun. 


Promenade around the Pearl

If you fancy a bit of an extra bougie experience during your time in Doha, then a great place to visit is the Pearl. It is basically a man-made island that is made up of an array of shops, restaurants and residents dotted around various marina areas.

It is a very picturesque and scenic area of the city with touches of global inspiration from different countries around the world, such as a Venetian-Arabian Qanat Quartier and a Mediterranean-inspired Medina Centrale.

It is a great place to visit any time of day with lots to do, but it is particularly pretty in the evening when it is lit up and the glow of lights shimmers on the marina water all around. Visiting the Pearl in the evening for a nice dinner is a great way to end a day of relaxation in Doha. 


Wander the ins and outs of Souq Waqif

For a bit of a historical and ancient feel, head over to Souq Waqif and wander around the traditional area. Dating back to the late 19th century, this marketplace shows a more quintessential side of Qatar with traditional architecture all over the area.

You will find everything at the Souq, from seasonal foods and spices to homemade textiles and handicrafts for a memorable souvenir. It is a great place to browse everything on offer and take in a different side of the city that is more classic.

This is another place in Doha that is great to explore in the evening and have dinner here after a long day in the sun. It has an array of great dining options and places for a spot of evening entertainment during your holiday. 


Delve into history at the Qatar National Museum

The Qatar National Museum is one of the newest landmarks in the city and is a great place to go if you would like to learn a bit more about the country’s history. It contains exhibits and displays that go through the past history of the region and country as a whole.

You can learn all about the first inhabitants, dating all the way back to 6,000 BC all the way through to the lineage of the country’s sheiks from past till present and to the discovery of oil and gas that has shaped the country into what it is today.

Other areas and exhibits in the museum showcase various cultural traditions, a look into the country’s archaeology and unique wildlife. The famous museum also hosts temporary events, such as the upcoming Qatar Auto exhibition, scheduled for 2024.