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Reserve & Collect

Browse our products, reserve your selections and we'll have them ready to collect before you fly.

Reserve & Collect is a free service available to all passengers. You can pre-order products from most shops at Heathrow, even if you don’t see them online. Check the Explore Brands page or enter your flight number to see the brands available in each terminal.

Heathrow Rewards members collect an extra 100 points and Heathrow Rewards Premium members collect an extra 150 points whenever the Reserve & Collect service is used.

How it works

  1. Browse

    Browse the huge range of products and brands available at Heathrow.

  2. Reserve

    Add the items to your basket and submit your request.

  3. Confirm

    You'll receive confirmation of the price and availability.

  4. Collect & Pay

    On arrival at Heathrow, visit the store where you made your reservation to collect and pay.

Get in touch

Please contact our Shopping Services team if you have any questions about Reserve & Collect or any other shopping service at the airport.