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  • Currency exchange

    Order your travel money with Travelex for pick-up at all Heathrow Airport terminals.

    Different money notes from around the world
    • Buy in advance

      Order online and pick up before you fly.

    • Collect at any time

      Always open from the first to the last flight of the day.

    • Four-hour collection

      Four-hour pick-up on Euros, US dollars and Travelex pre-paid currency cards.

    • Exclusive rates

      Exclusive rates for Heathrow Rewards members.

    • Earn rewards points

      Earn one Heathrow Rewards point with every £10 you exchange.

    Exchange currency before you travel, and simply let us buy it back from you if you have any left over when you return.
    • Travelex Buy Back Plus

      Take out the Travelex Buy Back Plus for £3.99 before you travel.

    • Sell leftover currency

      You can sell us back any leftover notes you have.

    • No commission

      You'll sell the leftover notes back to us without commission, and for the same exchange rate you bought them for.

    Travelex money transfer
    Safe and fast international transfers are easy at Heathrow Travelex counters, offering Western Union and Xpress Money services.

    Benefits of using Travelex Remittance services

    • Price

      Enjoy fees as low as 3% when transferring your money

    • Convenience

      Send and receive money while you're working/travelling through the airport

    • Great rates

      Market leading rates and cash arriving in minutes**

    At Travelex Heathrow, we like to make sure that you get the best deal on your currency. If you do shop around and find a better deal elsewhere, we’re happy to refund you the difference as part of our Price Promise.**

    Travelex collection points

    • Terminal 2

      Before security (check-in area)

    • Terminal 3

      Before security (first floor next to security)

    • Terminal 4

      Before security (departures)

    • Terminal 5

      Before security (departures zone B)

    Find several cash points (ATMs) in every terminal. They accept all major debit and credit cards and you can withdraw Euros as well as British Pounds. Charges vary depending on your bank or card provider.

    *2.9% as confirmed by Xpress money in India
    **For full terms and conditions please visit the Travelex Online Price Promise page at
    XM report states 64% of their transactions are available at the cash pay-out location within 1 minute