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Maria Asaad
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Go all out this St Patrick’s Day and celebrate in true Irish style with a last-minute, super-spontaneous trip to one of these exciting Irish cities. Visiting Ireland on the biggest day of the Irish cultural calendar is a really unique experience that brings so many people across the Emerald Isle together. Here are some of the best cities to enjoy the exciting festivities in. 


The Irish capital is where you will find the biggest St Patrick’s Day parade on the day. The celebrations don’t just last one day though, the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated and honoured with a 5-day event across Dublin. The festivities include dance and music events across the city, as well as an iconic St Patrick’s Day parade that runs through the city centre.

Dublin is the place to go if you want to go all out and celebrate St Patrick Day’s like a true Irelander. You are more than likely to be caught up in the massive crowds, however, if you would like to dodge the masses, then steer off from the city centre into the quieter side streets where you will find quant pubs welcoming you with a tasty pint of Guinness.


If you’re less keen on the massive crowds and hustle and bustle of Dublin, then take a trip to Ireland’s second-largest city, Cork. It hosts the second-largest parade of the day, as well as St Patrick’s Festival with tonnes of markets selling local produce and street performers for extra entertainment lasting several days.

In more recent years, they light up the city’s largest landmarks in green light to add an extra sense of celebration to the city’s atmosphere. Lots of people celebrating the day prefer to do so in Cork as it feels a lot more family-orientated, so it may be the top pick if you have younger kids that want to take part in the fun too. 



Another great city to mark St Patrick’s Day is the capital of the West of Ireland, Galway. The liveliness of the city makes it one of the best places in Ireland to commemorate St Patrick’s Day with tonnes of fun festivities. 

It holds one of the best St Patrick’s Day events with a 3-day festival with a traditional parade through the city. Although it isn’t as iconic or epic as the parades in Dublin or Cork, it has more of a local feel and less touristy atmosphere. You’ll also find entertainment tailored to families, such as a carousels and amusements, so similar to Cork, it may be the ideal place to spend St Patrick’s Day if you have younger children. Shannon airport is only an hours drive from Galway. 



One of the best places to visit in Northern Ireland is Belfast. The city has so much to offer in terms of cultural spots and natural beauty, as well as being one of the best places to head to for a memorable St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

The parade that takes place in Belfast on St Patrick’s Day is the highlight of the celebrations with spectacular floats, colourful costumes and performances, all rounded off with music and dancing. There is a buzzing carnival atmosphere throughout the whole city and the festivities continue after the parade with a free concert at Custom House Square for all to enjoy.