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Maria Asaad
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Known as Israel’s most vibrant and youthful city, Tel Aviv is full of culture and modern dining spots that make it a delight to visit. This cosmopolitan city is lined with stretches of golden beaches and lively cafes, making it easy to soak up the all-year-round sunshine. If you’re thinking of visiting this Mediterranean must-see, here is a tell-all on Tel Aviv!

Beautiful beaches 

One of the most appealing things about Tel Aviv is its coastal position which allows it to be home to some of the most striking beaches in the Mediterranean. The beaches are hot spots for both tourists and locals, attracting large and vibrant crowds wanting to catch some sun on the crisp, golden sand. 

Tel Aviv is home to several stunning sandy beaches, but the most popular are in the centre of the city, Banana Beach, Frishman Beach and Gordon Beach. They all have great facilities such as sun loungers and sunshades for rent, as well as freshwater showers, allowing you to really enjoy the beach as comfortably as possible. 

If you’d prefer to stay off the sand but still soak in the sea atmosphere, then take a stroll on the Homat Hayam Promenade, a paved boardwalk that stretches along the beach in central Tel Aviv. It is lined with an array of restaurants and cafes for a fun and comfortable day at the beach.  



Jaffa is a beautiful ancient port town that is just a short two-kilometer walk from downtown Tel Aviv. Travellers will have the opportunity to take in the preserved Ottoman-era architecture and historic monuments that make Jaffa one of the oldest and most cultural ports in the Mediterranean. 

Old Jaffa is filled with restaurants, cafes, artisan boutiques and flea markets for visitors to stroll through and leisurely enjoy. The old town comes alive in the evening when it’s packed with lively diners making the most of the dynamic atmosphere. 

If you’d like to take in a bit more of Jaffa’s history, then you can pay a visit to St. Peter’s Church and Jaffa’s Great Mosque in the old port area. Jaffa is a great place of calm and tranquillity if you would like to escape the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv and enjoy the old-fashioned charm this town has to offer.  


Yemenite Quarter 

The Yemenite Quarter is one of Tel Aviv’s most atmospheric areas with hidden alleyways that are lined with classic architecture to show the history of the country. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market which is filled with an array of colourful goods and fresh produce. 

The Yemenite Quarter also offers brilliant dining options that are cheap and cheerful for tourists to really enjoy the delicious Middle Eastern flavours without breaking the bank. This is the place to head to if you’re looking for a tasty and affordable meal in Tel Aviv.  


Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

If you’d like to learn more about Israel’s contemporary art scene, then pay a visit to the city’s biggest museum, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. You will find collections from renowned artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso and many more.

The museum has so much to offer from the gorgeous artwork on display to the ultra-modern and sophisticated architecture that houses the pieces perfectly. 

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art also hosts regular artistic events and exhibitions that visitors can enjoy if you are lucky enough to visit on a day when they are taking place.  


Neve Tzedek Quarter

The city’s oldest neighbourhood is the hipster Neve Tzedek Quarter, which is filled with houses built in the late 1880’s by European-Jewish settlers, giving it a real authentic and rustic feel. These older buildings have been well preserved, and several of them are now quirky cafes, artistic boutiques and hipster restaurants. 

The two main attractions in the Neve Tzedek Quarter are the Rochach House, a small sculpture gallery, and the Nachum Gutman Art Museum, displaying this Israeli’s famous artwork. They are both snuggled in this famous quarter for all who come by them to enjoy. 

The district is also filled with an array of stylish and contemporary cafes, restaurants and boutiques, making it easy to enjoy a day of exploration in this cosy Quarter.  

If you would like to take a trip to this Meditterean gem and take in all this amazing city has to offer, then book a direct trip with El Al today.