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Maria Asaad
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The capital of Greece is a European hotspot for travellers looking for some Mediterranean sun and historic cultural landmarks to explore. You will be spoilt for choice with Aegean Airlines increasing their frequency to four daily flights to Athens from Heathrow.


Go back in time by visiting iconic historical sites

Acropolis – the ancient citadel towers over the city and is one of the main sites to visit in all of Athens. It was built in the fifth century B.C. and hosts some of the most impressive ancient artifacts, buildings and ruins to wonder and explore.

Panathenaic Stadium – this is the site of the first modern Olympic games back in 1896 and remains the starting point of the Olympic flame torch relay. The stadium dates back to the 4th century B.C. and is made entirely of white marble.

Ancient Agora of Athens – bringing history to the modern day, these ruins are located in the heart of cosmopolitan Athens and transport you to the ancient world. This was once the site of an ancient marketplace, representing a cultural, economic and political center of the ancient world.


Explore the picturesque neighbourhoods

Plaka – located at the foothills of the Acropolis, is the beautiful neighbourhood of Plaka. Wander through narrow cobblestone alleys and find quaint shops selling souvenirs, jewellery, clothes, and ceramics.

Anafiotkia – just a stone's throw away from Plaka is the gorgeous Anafiotkia neighbourhood. You will be mesmerised by the tiny whitewashed houses that line winding paved pathways, most of them only wide enough for one person to pass!

Monastiraki – this is one of the oldest and busiest areas of the capital and is one of the best spots to spend a day in Athens. It is filled with huge markets, rooftop bars and ancient sites to explore and enjoy. 


Get back to nature and climb the best viewpoints

The National Gardens – if you need a break of the hustle and bustle of the city, then head to the National Gardens. Tucked away in the heart of Athens, they offer a scenic retreat from the concrete capital.

Lycabettus Hill – this is one of the highest peaks in Athens and offers incredible views of the city. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you can reach the top by hiking up a forested slope. Alternatively, you can reach the top via a cable car is you’re feeling lazy.

Philopappos Hill – a hilly park that is lined with a number of walking trails to catch some of the best views of the iconic Acropolis. You can hike the several trails to see it from all angles and then take a break by resting on the hill for a nice afternoon picnic.