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Maria Asaad
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We all love the novelty of staying in a hotel when in a foreign country; room service at the dial of a button, bed sheets changed every day, and exploring all the foreign channels on the flat screen TV. As great as all of that is, we have found the most quirky and unique hotels that offer experiences and luxuries your standard four-walled hotel just can’t offer. The best thing is they’re all in Europe, so super quick and easy to fly to for the most exceptional experiences. 

Ice Hotel, Sweden

We start in Sweden where the famous Ice Hotel is located. That’s right, a hotel made completely out of ice. The hotel is rebuilt every November from the new ice and snow that falls during the winter season, coinciding with when Torne River in the neighbouring Norrbotten county freezes over. The winter section of this unique hotel becomes water again in the warmer months during the summer.

If you are brave enough to embrace the cold, then you will be treated to some spectacular sculptures and carvings throughout the interiors of the hotel. Every year talented artists hand-carve different shapes in the ice, from dragons and dancers to tree trunks and pretty plants.

Stay snug in the freezing temperatures by layering up in thermals and getting cosy in individual sleeping bags or pay a visit to the sauna in the heated service building. Guests can also make the most of the ice bar and enjoy some bubbly in handmade ice glasses, while enjoying Swedish served cuisine and tucking into classics such as reindeer and Arctic char.


Tree Hotel, Sweden

If you are looking for a bit more of a milder stay in Sweden and not too keen on the freezing cold, then the Tree Hotel may be just the place for you. For those wanting to really get back to nature and experience the great outdoors like they never have before, the Tree Hotel offers an extraordinary collection of rooms all elevated in a pine forest in Sweden’s most northerly county.

Each room hangs 4-10cm above the ground and are unbelievably unique in design and structure with each one being designed by a selection of talented architects. Rooms can be accessed via ramps or bridges and are only a 5-minute scenic walk through the trees from the guesthouse restaurant.

Some rooms are camouflaged between the trees like the Bird’s Nest or reflecting Mirrorcube, and others, like the sci-fi inspired UFO room, really grab your attention from afar. Each room offers spectacular views of the gorgeous Lule River, and guests can catch glimpses of the Northern Lights illuminating the sky between September and March.


Arctic tree house, Finland

Everyone loves the feel of Christmas, and Lapland in Finland is one of the most Christmassy places in the world with blankets of white snow and fir trees everywhere you look. Right on the edge of Lapland’s capital, Rovaniemi, the Arctic Tree House hotel screams all things Santa Claus while still channelling several aspects of the local culture.

Located very closely to the Arctic Circle, this 2016 hotel has to be mindful and sensitive to the fragile ecosystems that call this area home. The architects that designed this unique hotel were very mindful of this by building sustainable glass-walled cabins for visitors to soak in the trees that surround and star-filled skies above.

Guests can also make the most of the one-of-a-kind snowflake-shaped restaurant and tuck into local favourites such as salted moose, wild mushrooms, and fresh fish from the local Lake Inari. 


Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, Holland

Probably the most picturesque of the lot with its wonderful mashup of colours and architectural design, is the Inntel Hotel in Amsterdam. Guests can enjoy the eye-catching façade of this uniquely modern and luxurious hotel from a mile away.

This extraordinary European hotel is an accumulation of approximately 70 individual houses, all in various shades of Zaan green, and is filled with contemporary and lavishly furnished rooms that represent an element of the rich history of the Zaan region.

Outside of the nostalgic rooms, guests can enjoy a swim in the Wellness Club, delicious food in the restaurant and can be in the heart of Amsterdam in 12 short minutes by taking the local train. 

So, what are you waiting for? Expand your horizons and book a trip to one of these exquisite European cities and explore the extravagant hotels they have to offer for a truly unique trip of a lifetime.