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Maria Asaad
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly somewhere for just a day, with nothing but your passport and phone, and return home in time to sleep in your bed? Well, with 12 direct flights from London Heathrow per day and a short flight time of just over an hour, Amsterdam is the perfect place for an awesome day trip. Here’s how to make the best out of just one day in this picturesque city and experience it to the fullest!

Start with pancakes for breakfast!

The Dutch know how to do food, and what better way to start the day than with some authentic and yummy pancakes that will set your day on the best note. There are loads of pancake shops dotted around the city, including The Pancake Bakery, which has some of the best reviews online.

Another famous spot for pancakes is called Pancakes Amsterdam, which is also hailed as one of the best in the city. If you fancy a bit more of an adventure, why not check out the Pancake Boat which offers an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet whilst sailing down the river! 

Dutch Pancakes (Pannenkoeken)
Dutch Pancakes (Pannenkoeken)

Explore the quant and charming neighbourhoods

There is no better way to explore Amsterdam and take in all its beauty than on foot, and what better way is there to burn off some of those pancakes? Nine Streets and the Jordaan neighbourhoods are some of the most scenic areas in the city, and are just great to walk around and take some pictures.

The Nine Streets is a quiet and charming area with nine narrow, quant streets (hence the name) that sit on the edge of the canal ring. You will walk across some of the prettiest canals in Amsterdam and you can get some great shots too. 

A charming canal bridge in the heart of Amsterdam

Visit a museum or two

Amsterdam is also famous for being home to some of the best art, culture, and history. It’s no surprise that there are over 100 museums in the city, and each provides an alternative view of Amsterdam’s cultural scene and history.

Some of the most famous ones to visit if you’re short on time are the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, especially if you are an art lover. The Anne Frank House is on most people’s bucket list who visit the country, but tickets are extremely scarce, so make sure to book way in advance to guarantee entry! 

Discover the cultural treasures of Amsterdam's Museum Quarter

Eat Stroopwafels at van Wonderen Stroopwafels

By now, your pancakes will be fully digested, and it’s time for another snack that the Dutch do best: Stroopwafels! Visiting Amsterdam and not having one is considered criminal as they are one of the tastiest and most indulgent snacks during a busy day of exploring.

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels is one the best places to go for one as they are freshly made in front of you, and they have an array of wonderful toppings to choose from, including Kit Kat, Daim, Oreo, and hazelnut. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to get a cheeky shot for Instagram too! 

Experience the classic Amsterdam stroopwafel

Check out the hustle and bustle at Dam Square

Dam Square is considered the beating heart of Amsterdam, with so much buzz and excitement seeping through it every minute of the day. It is a must-see if you are in the city for just a day, as it is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the city.

You will be able to pay a visit to the famous National Monument and tour the grand Royal Palace, both historic and important infrastructures that take you through key moments in history.


Explore the vibrant heart of Amsterdam at bustling Dam Square

Fly from Heathrow

Unlock a day of adventure in Amsterdam

British Airways has over a dozen daily flights to Amsterdam from Heathrow, so it’s never been easier to pick up for the day and have a spontaneous adventure of a lifetime!