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Prepare for security as normal 

Heathrow is in the process of upgrading its security equipment. This next generation security will transform the passenger experience by making it simpler, safer and more accessible to travel through security.

However, until Heathrow has upgraded all security screening equipment and processes, passengers should prepare for security as normal.

Liquids, aerosols, gels and pastes are permitted in containers up to 100ml in a 1-litre clear plastic bag, which should be removed from cabin baggage alongside electrical items and placed in the tray to be processed through security.

Please note while new scanning and detection equipment is being installed at UK airports, passengers should be aware that the new technology may not be available at airports outside the UK.




Fly through security

Check your bags are the right size, your liquids are under 100ml and you're not carrying anything sharp or dangerous.


Keeping you safe

  • Staying extra secure
    Staying extra secure

    To protect everyone on board, we can sometimes use body scanners.

    Find out more about body scanners
  • Charge before you fly
    Charge before you fly

    If you can't turn your devices on, you may not be able to take them on board. You can charge them for free at various points around the airport.