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Maria Asaad
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Riga is a charming European city boasting stunning architecture, gorgeous green outdoor spaces and world heritage sites. The Latvian capital is ideal for those wanting a relaxed and cultured holiday, strolling across quiet streets and soaking in the fascinating surroundings. Tourists can also enjoy an array of cosmopolitan delights in the old centre for a mix of modern and ancient atmospheres. You will surely find something to tailor your taste in Riga amongst these top things to explore. 



Treat your senses at Riga Central Market

Start your day in Riga in one of the best ways possible by popping over to the Central Market for an authentic cultural experience. Your senses will be immediately hit with the array of tastes, smells and sights this bustling market offers.

It is one of Europe’s biggest open-air markets, boasting some of the best fresh produce, baked goods and traditional sweet treats you will surely enjoy. Everything on offer is made fresh by locals and it is a great place to stroll through during a day of touring the city.

Riga Central Market has been open for almost a century and was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as the delicious food, visitors can enjoy admiring the iconic 20th-century structure of the market for an extra treat to your senses. 


Appreciate architectural beauty at the House of the Black Heads

If you’re a fan of grand architecture and appreciate interior cultural design, you must visit the House of the Black Heads. The magnificent building will surely capture your eye from afar with its grandeur and intricate details.

Once inside, you can explore the winding hallways filled with historical illustrations that take you through the history of the Brotherhood of the Black Heads. You will learn more about their significant role in the town’s infrastructure since the 1300s and beyond.

Beyond the hallways and spirals, the historic building is filled with rooms that host the most spectacular glistening chandeliers and antique silverware that have been perfectly preserved since the medieval era.  


Pay your respects at Freedom Monument

If you’d like to take a moment out of a busy day of touring, paying your respects at the famous Freedom Monument in Riga is one of the best ways. It is a tribute to the brave souls who fought and died during the Latvian War of Independence.

The significant granite and copper tower sits in the city at 140 feet tall and is a spectacular tribute and reminder of what the country had to face to achieve the independence it has today.

So much effort and detail has gone into the structure of this important monument, as it consists of 56 separate sculptures in 13 sections across four layers. Each commemorates various stages and aspects of the conflict and the significantly rewarding process of independence that followed.  


Explore the exquisite Old Town

One of the best ways to truly appreciate this exquisite European city is by exploring the famous Old Town and soaking up all it offers. A great place to start is the beautiful Albert Street and exploring the stunning Art Nouveau that helped define the city during the 1900s.

You can then head over to Vecrīga, one of the most historic towns in the area and considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s charming narrow-cobbled streets and electric atmosphere will immediately draw you in. It also has several iconic spots, such as St Peter’s Church.

You can end your day at Bergs Bazaar, home to an array of quirky shops, bars and restaurants ideal for those wanting to finish off their day of exploring with some shopping and a light bite to eat.