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Any reference in these Terms to "you" or "your" shall be construed as a reference to a valid member of the Programme in accordance with these Terms ("Member") and any reference to "us", "our", or "we" shall be construed as a reference to Heathrow Airport Limited ("Heathrow"). The Heathrow Airport Limited Heathrow Rewards programme ("the Programme") is only available to individual Members who have registered online and who provide a valid individual email address. You will be able to access your account online at using your registered email address, card number and the password chosen at the time of registration. Persons under eighteen (18) years are not entitled to participate in the Programme. Only one account per Member is permitted. Shared or household accounts are not permitted. You are required to update any changes to your account details immediately online at or by contacting Heathrow Rewards Customer Services.

You must provide us with a valid individual email address. This email address will be used to communicate important information about your account. If you do not wish to receive emails from us, you may unsubscribe from the Programme using the link at the bottom of each email or by logging into your account and updating your communication preferences. Should you unsubscribe from Heathrow Rewards emails, you are then responsible for checking for any Programme updates by logging into your account online at on a regular basis. This includes, but is not limited to, notification of your points or account expiration.

When contacting us, please do so using the email address registered to the account. We cannot, under any circumstances, discuss details of an account with a third party. This includes, but is not limited to, spouses, friends, business associates including personal assistants, and store colleagues making contact on behalf of a customer.

Heathrow Rewards points ("Points") will be issued to you in respect of purchase transactions at participating outlets at Heathrow Airport for qualifying expenditure (see Clause 4 below) ("Transactions"). Points may only be collected in relation to Transactions which are entered into by the individual Member. You are not permitted to collect Points on Transactions entered into by any other person, including but not limited to family members, friends, acquaintances or business colleagues. We may, on occasion, ask you to provide further verification that purchases have been made by you. You are not entitled to claim or collect Points on Transactions entered prior to the date you registered to join the Programme. Purchases made using a store credit note are not eligible for points.

You must present your Heathrow Rewards card (which may take the form of a physical card or a virtual card issued by us or on our behalf) at the time of Transaction. In the event that:

(a) the Heathrow Rewards machine is not working in the relevant outlet at the time of Transaction; or

(b) you forget to present your card at the time of Transaction,

we may, as a discretionary gesture of goodwill, credit Points if you are able to send to Heathrow Rewards Customer Services department (details of which are available at receipts for qualifying expenditure, provided that you may only submit a maximum of ten (10) receipts per calendar year in this manner. In respect of receipts submitted in these circumstances, such receipt(s) must be in good condition and not more than four (4) months old as at the date we receive such receipts. Receipts sent to us must be in .jpg or .pdf format, as an email attachment. Receipts must be clearly legible and include the full transaction details, including the store name, location, date, product itemisation and purchase value. Banking app, credit card or bank statements will not be accepted without a receipt as they do not provide sufficient detail to process a retrospective transaction. From time to time, we may request further proof to validate a transaction. We will not process claims manually before thirty (30) days have passed from the date of transaction. We reserve the right to subsequently remove transactions processed manually that are then found to be duplicated. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to decline to credit Points for Transactions in this manner if we have reasonable grounds for believing that one or more of the claims being submitted is either fraudulent or not in compliance with these Terms and in all circumstances our decision shall be final.

Only pre-booked parking booked directly with Official Heathrow Parking qualifies for Points. Points for eligible pre-booked Official Heathrow Parking will be awarded to your account after the date of travel, not at the time of booking.

Collecting points on Heathrow Express: Go to to book your tickets and enter your Heathrow Rewards card number on the online booking form, or purchase your tickets on the Heathrow Express App. Points cannot be collected on Heathrow Express tickets purchased at ticket offices, at automated kiosks, on the train or by any other means. Please note that Points will be awarded after the date of travel and not at the time of booking.

We shall be entitled at any time to cancel Points awarded if the relevant products to which such award relates are returned or the Transaction is cancelled for any reason and a refund of the purchase price is given or if the relevant products are exchanged for other products, unless such exchange is for products with an equivalent Points value. Where the relevant products are exchanged for products of a lower Points value we shall be entitled to cancel the difference in value balance of Points between those originally collected and those collected in respect of the replacement products. Heathrow reserves the right to remove points from accounts where duplications have occurred in error.

Points will be awarded at the following rate in the following outlets for total transactional spend (including payment made by any valid vouchers): 1 Point per £1 spent in participating retailers, bars and restaurants, car rental, travel agencies and pre-booked Official Heathrow Parking facilities and 1 Point per £10 exchanged at Bureaux de change. Points collected as detailed above are ‘standard' Points. The minimum spend per Transaction in order to qualify for earning Point(s) is one pound (£1). You will not be awarded Points for expenditure in the following outlets: betting shops, Post Offices, vending and gaming machines, petrol stations, temporary retailers/services, Covid testing facilities, the Terminal Drop-Off charge, pay-on-foot parking charges, purchases and fines paid to airlines such as excess or heavy baggage fees and upgrades, hotels and hotel parking facilities; or for Transactions in relation to the following: lottery tickets, tobacco products, medicine, prescription items, infant formula, the retailer's own or 3rd party pre-paid gift vouchers and cards, postage stamps, Pay as You Go Internet access, or flights and/or hotels booked at or for Transactions paid for using Boots Advantage Card points. We reserve the right to change outlets or exclude products from time to time. Participating outlets may also change from time to time.

Where transactions have been completed with an unregistered Heathrow Rewards card, upon successful card registration, points shall be awarded only for those transactions that took place within the 12 months prior to the registration date.

Where, during any given calendar year from 01 January to 31 December you spend a total of £750 or more at outlets that participate in the Heathrow Rewards Programme, excluding Travelex and Rocketmiles, and presented your Heathrow Rewards card or card number during the applicable transactions, you shall earn Premium status and you shall earn Points at double the rates referenced in Clause 4.1 above ("Double Points") on all subsequent Transactions for the remainder of that calendar year and such duration(s) set out below and have access to selected offers and promotions only applicable to members with current Premium status, each of which may have applicable additional terms and conditions. Where you have qualified for Double Points in a calendar year (the ‘First Calendar Year'), you shall continue to earn Double Points on all qualifying Transactions during the next calendar year (the ‘Second Calendar Year') irrespective of the level of Programme spend during the Second Calendar Year. If you spend a total of £750 or more at outlets that participate in the Heathrow Rewards Programme, excluding Travelex and Rocketmiles, and presented your Heathrow Rewards card or card number during the applicable transactions, during the Second Calendar Year, you shall continue to accrue Double Points during the next calendar year (the ‘Third Calendar Year'). Double Points will not be awarded on promotional Points (per Clause 4.5) or any discretionary goodwill Points awarded. The premium status cannot be extended under any circumstances other than by meeting the conditions set out above.  

Any applicable special terms and conditions for extra points promotions will be made available to you at the time of the promotion. Such special terms and conditions will also be available at for the duration of the promotion.

We may from time to time at our discretion (acting reasonably), vary the rate at which Points are awarded, the Points collection rate, the required account activity to earn Premium Tier status, the selection of offers and promotions only applicable to members with current Premium Tier status as well as their applicable additional terms and conditions and/or offer extra Points. Only one extra points promotion will apply per transaction. This will not affect Points already awarded in respect of previous Transactions nor will it affect your statutory rights (as applicable).

We shall endeavour to award Points to your account as soon as possible, and this is generally within a twenty four (24) hour period. However, there are a small number of types of Transaction where it can take up to thirty (30) days before Points show on your account. Points for eligible pre-booked Official Heathrow Parking and eligible Heathrow Express train tickets will be awarded to your account after the date of travel, not at the time of booking.

Statements of accounts will be available to you online at Each statement will show the number of Points awarded and the cumulative total of unredeemed Points awarded during the Programme and available at that date.

To redeem Points against rewards, you can access your account online at and follow the instructions. Subject to below (Instant Rewards), all applications to redeem Points for rewards must be made in advance of travel or use. Point redemptions cannot be cancelled once completed.

You can find details of current Programme offers and rewards at and you are advised to regularly check the site for all the latest information. The Programme has special offers and vouchers from time to time. Please refer to these particular offers for additional special terms and conditions according to the particular offer/voucher.

We wish to ensure that we can always offer a variety of rewards which are attractive to Members. Accordingly, we reserve the right to alter the rewards offered to you (whether in relation to all available rewards or just to some) at any time. By way of example, we may do this where the provider of the relevant reward withdraws it, or changes the terms on which it is offered, or where take-up of the relevant reward among the Heathrow Rewards Membership is poor, and hence we may wish to introduce a different reward which is more attractive to the Membership as a whole. Where we do withdraw a reward, we shall (at our discretion) use reasonable endeavours to substitute it with a reward which is of a similar, or better, type or value for the reward which has been withdrawn, (except where the reward is being withdrawn due to poor take-up, in which case a similar alternative may not be made available). We will use reasonable endeavours to make such notice available, by appropriate means, of the withdrawal of any reward as is reasonable in the circumstances (bearing in mind that we may not receive much, or any notice from the relevant reward provider).

We also reserve the right to vary the number of Points required in exchange for rewards. If we do so, we will use reasonable endeavours to make such notice available, by appropriate means, of the change (bearing in mind that we may not receive much, or any notice from the relevant reward provider). This will not affect Points already awarded in respect of previous Transactions nor will it affect your statutory rights (if any).

Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards In certain outlets where the "Instant Rewards" programme is available, you may be able to redeem Points instantly to take the value of your Points balance as a discount (in increments of 500 points). By using Instant Rewards you confirm that you are the correct card holder and that the card does not belong to anyone else. To protect your Instant Rewards redeemable balance in case of a lost Heathrow Rewards card, immedailty contact Heathrow Rewards Customer Service so that the card number can be cancelled and a new one issued to your account. Instant Rewards cannot be used for the purchase of the retail outlet's own pre-paid gift vouchers or any tobacco products.

Travel Partners

Travel Partners conversions may take up to 30 days to appear in the chosen destination account. Individual conversion Terms and Conditions apply. Heathrow Rewards points converted from Skywards Miles cannot be converted with other Heathrow Rewards travel partners.

You may transfer points to another Member's account by contacting Heathrow Rewards Customer Service. You may transfer points in this manner up to a maximum of 4 times per calendar year. Joining bonus points may not be transferred.

Your points balance is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of your last purchasing transaction using your valid Heathrow Rewards card. If you stop transacting using your card, your points will be automatically deleted from your account three years from the date of your last transaction. The transfer of points from a partner programme is not a qualifying transaction and will not reset the expiration date of points. The redemption of points is not a qualifying transaction and will not reset the expiration date of points. Details of Points about to expire can be viewed on your account online.

You may close your Heathrow Rewards account at any time by selecting ‘Close My Account' on your online profile or by writing to Heathrow Rewards Customer Services, PO Box 887, Exeter, EX1 9YT, UK, or by emailing Account closure requests are irreversible and cannot be reversed. We reserve the right to close your Heathrow Rewards account, without notice, automatically, if (a) there has been no Points collection or redemption activity at all for a continuous period of thirty nine (39) months, or (b) you are found to have more than one Heathrow Rewards account registered in your name (in accordance with Clause 1 above), or (c) if as result of our investigations we believe the account is not being operated in accordance with these Terms.

Where we believe that there has been a breach of these Terms or special terms and conditions of any reward, or where we have any other legitimate reason, we may refuse to process a claim, refuse to award Points, withdraw Points already awarded or close the Member's account (in accordance with Clause 9(c) above). We also reserve the right to suspend a Member's account while we carry on an investigation into potential misuse or fraud. We may contact you using the details provided if we have questions over any transactions or your account.

The Programme will continue until terminated by us and we shall provide valid Members with three months' prior written notice of such termination by email or post. Unredeemed Points will not be redeemable following termination of the Programme.

Where you enter a competition or prize draw, we will process your data for the purposes of administering and managing the competition or prize draw. The lawful justification for collecting this data is based on the contract you enter. It is necessary for the performance of the relevant competition or prize draw which you contractually enter into. Failure to provide mandatory data fields denoted by a ‘*’ will mean that we will not be able to enter you into the relevant competition or prize draw. For more information on how we process your data, see our privacy notice here.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time at our discretion (acting reasonably). We advise you to go to regularly to check for updates.

No representations or otherwise are made regarding the likelihood of a Member of the Heathrow Rewards Programme incurring any personal tax liability as a result of participation in the Programme. A personal tax liability may arise if Points are received in respect of business expenditure. You should seek independent advice if there is any doubt.

The promoter of the Programme is Heathrow Airport Limited, whose registered office is The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW.

Nothing in these Terms affects your statutory rights.

These Terms shall be construed and governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.