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Stuart Messham
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As wonderful as lolloping in the sumptuous Barbadian sand is, there’s a lot more on offer than just divine beaches and delicious rays…
Seeing the turtles in motion really sets your heart free
Swim with turtles

Best for: Wildlife lovers and romantics

There really is nothing more wonderful than being able to share the Azure Barbadian seas with some of its most splendid inhabitants.

Resorts across the island offer expeditions where you can dive alongside turtles and watch them enjoy some of the most gorgeous waters in the world.

It’s really not cool to interact with them – and certainly not to touch them – but just seeing them frolic around effortlessly really sets your heart free.

Also on offer are submarine tours,  snorkelling in shipwrecks, fishing trips and the opportunity to see scores more incredible wildlife with vibrant tropical fish in abundance, sea horses, octopus, rays and much more.

Mahi-Mahi: the delicious "dolphin" of the Caribbean
Dine on "dolphin"

Best for: Food lovers and culture vultures

Inbetween all the beachside loafing and seaside schmoozing, foodies should  hunt down some of the local delicacies, one of which sounds disturbing but is actually rather delicious.

The locals, you see, refer to the native Mahi-Mahi fish as “dolphin”, which can be rather off-putting. However, once you get past the bamboozling lingo and get to the food – pairing it with local plantain and some Bajun pepper sauce – you’ll be happy you persevered.

As far as restaurants go, The Tides in Holetown serves up great cocktails and seafood, the Lone Star – right on the shoreline – offers stunning views and Italian-Carribean fusion and on the south coast look out for Primo for its memorable fish dishes and sumptuous setting.

Keep on rumming: the Barbadian drink of choice
Don’t forget the rum

Best for: Conoisseurs who like to kick back

There’s a lot to shout about in Barbados and it’s easy to get more vocal after sampling the vast array of delicious rums on the island.

You will find four operating distilleries: Mount Gay Distillery, St Nicholas Abbey, West Indies Rum Distillery and Foursquare Distillery.

Mount Gay is probably the famous and operates a really insightful and engaging new tour and there is real beauty to be found at St Nicholas Abbey.

Tours aside, if you want to sample the good stuff the authentic way, just pop into a rum shop and one of the locals will be happy to talk you through their products and maybe indulge in a drop or two while they’re at it.


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