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Stuart Messham
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Winter can be wonderful, but after weeks of bitter weather, short days and dark skies, the time has certainly come to plan your spring holiday and look forward to exploring the world again. We’ve picked some spectacular spring break destinations, all accessible via Heathrow. This time, we pay a visit to the 'Island of Love', Cyprus…

Spring comes early in Cyprus with meadows turning a lush, carpet-covered green and the first orchids beginning to bloom as early as late-Feb.

The temperature takes a while to catch up: you do get up with the sun, but you’d do well to spend the whole day basking in it.

Crisp coffees in the morning air and some leisurely exploring is really the order of the day: long strolls among the beautiful wildflowers of the villages and suburbs, road trips around the island, leisurely bus tours and cycling along the coast are all invigorating and highly recommended pursuits at this time of year. There’s more parking in the streets, tables at restaurants and the accommodation is markedly cheaper, too.

Come April the high-season hubbub begins to rumble as some of the island’s waterparks begin to open and tourists descend on the picturesque town of Polemi for the Tulip festival. And by May the air temperature is beginning to stabilise so you can really start to feel that summer glow.

On 27 May, the island waves goodbye to spring with festive parades and flower fairs and, whatever time you’ve decided to visit, you can guarantee spending spring in on the “island of love” will have left a lasting impression.