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Stuart Messham
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Winter can be wonderful, but after weeks of bitter weather, short days and dark skies, the time has certainly come to plan your spring holiday and look forward to exploring the world again. We’ve picked some spectacular spring break destinations, all accessible via Heathrow, and we start with the "Red City", Marrakech…

Morocco has loads of hidden treasures but there’s one thing you're guaranteed to find every time you visit: glorious sunshine.

Most parts of the country experience average daytime temperatures of 24℃ in April, which is when a lot of Western tourists regard the country to be at its pleasant best, and then soar to the late 20s in May.

Marrakech is Morocco’s capital and you should not be put off treading the beaten path as all of its most famous sights are well worth a visit.

Its medina – from the Arabic for “city” – was founded in the 11th century and presents a wonderfully labyrinthine insight into the country’s culture, with different stalls around every winding street and alley. Djemaa el-Farna is the giant square at its entrance where you can witness snake charmers, buy babouche slippers and experience the traditional music and dazzling street theratre in the evenings, when it really comes alive. (If someone offer to guide you anywhere, a polite “no thanks” or two should see them off.)

Booking a private hammam is also on Marrakech’s to-do list, where you’ll be massaged with Moroccan black soap and then scrubbed –and “scrub” is the operative word here – from top to bottom with a fairly coarse mitt. It’s incredibly rejuvenating and restorative procedure, but certainly not advisable if your skin is sore from the sun.

Course, for complete relaxation you can also just book into a smart hotel with a pool, spa and wellness centre and get the me time you so richly deserve.