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  • Heathrow

    Flexible parking

    Free parking cancellations

    If you are planning to travel during this time of uncertainty, rest assured if you book with Official Heathrow Parking, our flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel up to two hours before.

    Parking places for every passenger

    Heathrow Short Stay

    For assurance, all Short Stay Car Parks remain open for drive-up customers, maintaining regular parking for passenger drop-off and pick-up using private cars.  Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the impacts on travel arrangements, we have limited pre-book availability for both Short Stay and Short Stay Fast Track parking products, up to 30/06/2020.  For periods beyond 01/07/2020 we are planning to increase availability, subject to continuous review.  All Official Heathrow Parking products remain fully flexible and offer the best prices for booking in advance.

    Parking made Easy, our Short Stay (multi-storey) Parking is convenient, directly linked to each Terminal.  We make finding a space easy, displaying Green LED lights above every car parking space to show drivers the availability of spaces (our Disabled parking, Parent & Child spaces are both highlighted by Blue LEDs). 

    It’s ideal for meeting or dropping passengers and a great choice for short trips away, business meetings or to use of free Electric Charging points (parking tariffs apply).

    Short Stay Parking is clean, light and bright with high presence of security patrols & technologies, keep our passengers and their vehicles safe, secure and under cover.  A seamless ticketing solution, using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), we provide accuracy in your duration for both drive-up and pre-book transactions and can help pin-point your car via our ‘Car Finder’ system (available at Terminal 2 & 3).  You can book Short Stay Parking in advance for any* duration of stay, with advance bookings available up to two hours prior to your arrival.

    *any duration of stay for periods, is offered beyond one hour, with pre-booked dates subject to availability.

    • 1-2 minutes walk, pedestrian link bridges to every Terminal.
    • Disabled, Parent & Child parking – close to Terminal routes.
    • Free Electric charing points
    • Pre-booking recommences Summer 2020.
    • 24/7 security monitoring
    • LED lighting to aid navigation & seamless payment/access.
    • From £4.50/hour on the day price
    £4.50 / hour*


    Dreamy deals to park up and stay the night

    Drive to Heathrow and relax overnight, so you can fly off feeling fresh.

    Let us do the parking

    Parking perks

    Enjoy free services if you drive an electric car or travel by motorcycle. 



    Park up and charge up for free in short stay parking.



    Ride your way to Heathrow by motorbike and park up for free.

    You’re in safe hands

    • 24/7 security

      All our official Heathrow car parks are well lit and have round the clock security.

    • Access for all

      All car parks are wheelchair accessible and have well-lit wayfinding.

    • Official parking

      All 11 Heathrow car parks are officially owned, staffed and operated by us.