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Maria Asaad
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Have you ever seen one of those pristine, white beach screen savers on your laptop? If so, then chances are that picture was taken in Turks and Caicos. Its untouched, natural beauty makes it one of the most picturesque places in the world. Fancy getting to see the real thing rather than admiring it on a device? Well, here are some reasons why you should take a trip to this hidden tropical gem. 

Bask on breath-taking beaches

One of the main reasons to venture to this Caribbean hotspot is, of course, the exceptionally stunning beaches. The white crisp sand paired with the clearest turquoise ocean water make this a place of paradise for holidaymakers looking for untouched natural beauty to bask themselves in.

Grace Bay Beach is one of the most famous and best-known beaches. Located on the island of Providenciales, it is a favourite amongst those looking for guaranteed comfort and natural splendour during their holiday.

There are several incredible and secluded white sand beaches along the rest of the archipelago, so you won’t be short of exploration and adventure as you island-hop your way through each beach, taking in the gorgeous scenery all around you. 


Swim amongst some sensational sea life

Turks and Caicos is an amazing destination to do some snorkelling and scuba diving, as it is home to the second largest barrier reef in the Atlantic, as well as being surrounded by several other smaller bay and bank reefs.

These impressive islands sit on an underwater plateau approximately 10,000 feet up from the ocean floor. Divers may encounter something called ‘the wall’ during their underwater adventures, which is an impressive and sheer transition between shallow to deep.

The combination of wall diving paired with the abundance of vibrant coral and sea life, make this place an unmatched destination for scuba diving. 


Get whisked away by some water sports

If you’d prefer to stay above water, then there is an array of exhilarating activities for you to make a splash in.

Kiteboarding, parasailing, paddleboarding, windsurfing, fishing, jet skiing and horseback riding are just some of the water activities on offer in this haven of fun.

If you’re looking for a bit more relaxation on the water, then there are lots of canoeing excursions and boat cruises to choose from that set sail on the clear, blue waters throughout the day.

It is a great way to explore the archipelago and see as many islands as possible in a short space of time. 


Stay off the beaten path

Turks and Caicos offers so many hidden gems for those that want to appreciate nature and culture, but still stay off the beaten path and explore untouched territory. There are a handful of less populated islands that can be reached via ferries and domestic flights. It really is worth venturing out and experiencing the beauty of these more hidden outer islands.

Some of the main islands to explore are North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Clay, each offering something different and unique. North and Middle Caicos are still sparsely developed with vast areas of secluded coasts, offering attractions like Conch Bar Caves and Mudjin Harbour.

Salt Clay and South Caicos are the spots to go to for exceptional scuba diving experiences, incredible views and a more private, quiet atmosphere. 


Get back to nature

There is a lot more to this place than the stunning and unparalleled beaches, Turks and Caicos is also a haven for some amazing hiking and outdoor adventure in nature.

You are sure to come across some spectacular wildlife and interesting animals along your trails across the small archipelagos, including docile rock iguanas, small lizards and a few of the smallest boas in the world.

If you’re an avid birdwatcher then you won’t be disappointed either with likely sightings of flamingos, pelicans, hummingbirds, herons, egrets and much more. And let’s not forget the underbelly of this exotic place with its waters being filled with an abundance of fish, as well as sharks, dolphins, stingrays, turtles and a lot more fascinating sea creatures.

We know by now that you’re convinced to pay a visit to this exotic and beautiful part of the world, so why not book your trip via Heathrow now and prepare for paradise.