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Arriving at Heathrow

We want to ensure your arrival is as seamless as possible, so ensure you’ve got your passport and supporting documents (e.g. visas and landing cards) ready.

To help things go smoothly at passport control, here are a few useful tips:

  • Take your passport out of its cover and flip to the photo page.
  • Remove any hats, headphones, or sunglasses.
  • Put away your mobile phones or tablets when it's time to see an officer.
  • And lastly, stick together with your family as you travel through the arrival process.


Use passport e-Gates when possible

Use passport e-gates if you can. They are automated gates that use facial recognition to check your identity and allow you to enter the country without talking to a Border Force officer.

To use them in the UK, you must have an eligible passport and meet specific requirements.

Travelling with children

If you're travelling with your family, it's best to go through passport control together.

If you're travelling with a child who may not have the same last name as you or who isn't your own, you may be asked some questions to confirm your relationship. To help make the process smoother and faster, it's a good idea to bring along documents that show your relationship with the child and the reason for your trip. This can include birth or adoption, marriage or divorce certificates, or even a letter from the child's parent(s) giving you permission to travel and providing their contact information.


Bringing goods into the UK

Passengers should be aware that certain goods may be prohibited or restricted on entry to the UK. For full information, check out the UK government’s advice.


If you’re passing through the UK border before onward travel you can apply for a 48 hour visa. This must be done prior to your arrival to the UK on the Government website, linked below. Your passport must allow entry into the UK and have a booking for onward travel.