Face covering requirements

As we continue to welcome passengers from around the world, wearing a face covering remains mandatory whilst in our terminals (including our bus stations and railway platforms) - except for those who are exempt. 


We also ask passengers to respect social distancing wherever possible.

Frequently asked questions
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    Welcome to Britain

    We’re delighted to have you. If it’s your first time in Britain, be sure to explore our tips and tricks for savvy travellers. Have a wonderful stay.



    Travelling around the UK

    From Stonehenge to Edinburgh and Buckingham Palace to Soho, find the best ways to travel in the UK right here.



    We drive on the left side of the road in the UK. As a pedestrian, remember to look right before your cross. Many London streets have helpful markings on the road indicating the direction of approaching traffic.

    Making your way in the UK


    If you’d like to withdraw pound sterling, most banks offer free cash withdrawals. Exchange rates and overseas charges are set by your own bank, so check before you travel.


    In the UK, we stand on the right and walk on the left on escalators in Underground and rail stations. This way, everybody can travel at the speed they wish.