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  • Welcome. Heathrow 2.0 is our plan for sustainable growth. It sets out how we will improve life for colleagues and communities, contribute to a thriving economy, and help to tackle global challenges such as climate change.

    Our plan has four pillars, underpinned by 12 objectives and a range of goals and indicators. It covers our own business as well as the role we will play in driving change across the wider industry to deliver positive impacts enabling us and those around us to thrive.

    Our plan for sustainable growth

    Heathrow 2.0 is our sustainability strategy. It represents a step-change for our business and captures the momentum of an industry-wide shift towards a sustainable future for aviation.

    Key areas:

    1. A Great Place to Work is about helping our people fulfil their potential.

    2. A Great Place to Live is about working better with our neighbours to improve their quality of life.

    3. A Thriving Sustainable Economy focuses on creating opportunities for business to deliver a stronger future for the UK.

    4. A World Worth Travelling is all about working with our industry and regulator to deliver fair and sustainable air travel for future generations to enjoy.


    Climate Change

    We need to talk about the elephant in the airport.



    Introducing Heathrow’s Centre of Excellence

    Heathrow Centre of Excellence for Sustainability Launched

    Heathrow’s Centre of Excellence is a hub of learning and exploration in sustainable air travel and stems from Heathrow 2.0 - our ambitious plan for sustainable growth. We are working with top scientists, experts and entrepreneurs to accelerate the arrival of sustainable air travel for the benefit of local communities, the environment and the wider economy.