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Our sustainability strategy

Welcome to Heathrow 2.0, our plan to connect people and planet. Find out how we are working to build a better and more sustainable airport.


Heathrow 2.0 plan

Introducing the plan

We published our updated sustainability strategy in February 2022. Through it we will focus on making a difference on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders.


Net Zero

Aviation is a force for good in the world. But those benefits cannot come at any cost. Our goal is clear: to protect the benefits of aviation for the future, the carbon must be taken out of flying.


Great place to live and work

Heathrow must be a great place to live near, work in and travel through. We aim to improve daily life for our neighbours and colleagues and invest in our communities.


Sustainable growth, global connectivity

Heathrow’s global connectivity is helping to drive regional growth and businesses across the country.