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Maria Asaad
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Nothing beats a good old summer holiday, one or two weeks in the sun a year is a rite of passage for most families. Whilst the holiday is something to look forward to, the journey to get there can cause some people a bit of stress and anxiety, especially during the busy summer period. That’s why we’re here to give you these scorching hot travel tips to keep you cool, calm and collected during your summer travels.


Don’t get beat by the high heat!

Travelling through the airport during the warmer summer months can seem somewhat of a more tiresome task compared to the other cooler times during the year. However, taking a few of these simple steps can really help in making your travels a bit more comfortable.

Stay hydrated!

I know this may seem like an obvious one, but it can be quickly forgotten or unprioritised amongst the travel chaos and busyness. It’s important to also remember the 100ml rule at security, so instead of bringing a plastic bottle that you may need to down or throw away at security, invest in a re-fillable bottle that you can take through with you. There are several water-filling stations near the gates that you can top up at.

Dress light!

Why wait till you’re in your hot destination to dress like you’re on holiday when you can do it at the airport and stay cool through your travels. Dressing in lighter attire means you won’t feel as hot and sweaty as you make your journey, and it may get you in holiday spirit sooner! Just remember to pack a jumper in your carry-on for the flight.

Handheld fans are heroes!

Investing in a handheld fan may be one of the best decisions you make this summer. They are great at keeping you cooler in warmer temperatures, especially if you’re on the move. They are light and small to carry, so are ideal to have with you during your airport journey. You can buy one at several shops in the airport and are the perfect holiday checklist item for beyond your airport voyage.

Plan ahead so you don’t lose your head!

Planning your airport journey before you actually get there is a great way to reduce your stress levels and allows for a much smoother journey. Here are some of the things you can do to save time and effort during your travels.

Download the Heathrow app!

The Heathrow app can be thought of like your one stop shop for everything you need to be airport ready. You will find live security and immigration times, so you can get an idea of wait times and when best to go to each area. There is a Reserve & Collect section where you can reserve any items you’d like to purchase and then pick them up at the airport before your flight. You can also prebook parking and pre-order food for a quicker and more seamless journey with everything ready for you in advance. You know what they say, travel smarter, not harder.

Get your timings right!

No one wants to be cutting it fine before a flight, equally, we’re sure you don’t want to be waiting around the airport for check in to open. With that in mind, double check your flight time. Make sure you arrive at the airport:

  • at least 2 hours before a short-haul flight
  • 3 hours before a long-haul flight.

That’ll give you enough time to clear the check in desks, make your way through security and enjoy some duty-free shopping before making your way to your gate.

Get up to speed on London's ULEZ expansion!

When you are planning your journey to the airport, please keep in mind the expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) and how it may affect your journey to Heathrow this summer. This is part of Transport for London (TfL)’s plan to reduce air pollution in Greater London and will be implemented from 29th August. To find out more and see how it may affect you, read more here.

Request assistance if needed!

The airline that you are flying with is required to provide any additional or special assistance if you are in need of it on the flight. So, make sure to book any assistance you need on the airline’s website before you travel. If you need special assistance at the airport before flying, then Heathrow is on hand to help with that.

Be prepared for security!

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year at Heathrow, so naturally security may be busier than usual and have longer wait times. You can do your part in reducing this slightly by being prepared for security before making it to the trays. Here are a few ways in which you help a quicker and more consistent flow through security this summer:

  • Place all liquids in a small transparent bag (making sure they’re all under 100ml)
  • Removing all larger electronics from carry-ons (laptops, game consoles, tablets etc.)
  • Be prepared to take off additional items such as belts or shoes.

Keep your kids entertained so you don’t get drained!

Let’s face it, travelling with kids isn’t always fun. From tantrums to tiredness, it can be a lot to deal with above the usual stresses of travelling. That’s why we have a number of things at the airport, from games and entertainment to kid-friendly meals, for your little ones to enjoy and to make your journey that little bit easier.

Kids eat free!

Its back! Yes, over the summer holidays keep your eyes peeled for the Kids Eat Free* offer in various restaurants around the airport. It’s simple, when an adult meal is ordered off a main menu, your kid can get a meal for free. A wide range of restaurants in each terminal offer this for families, so you won’t be short of options!

We wish you a safe journey and fantastic holiday this summer filled with great memories and lots of sunshine.

New Mr. Men Little Miss mobile game

We have just launched Summer Fun with Mr. Adventure & Little Miss Explorer, where kids can access online games and activities to keep them entertained during their airport journey. From travel themed quizzes to colouring and spot the difference games, there is so much fun to be had. Gone are the days of boredom during check-in, whilst waiting for your flight.

A parent zone is also featured that contains useful information, such as locations of changing rooms, play areas, essential shops and safety tips. The Summer Fun game can be accessed via a mobile phone or tablet by scanning the QR codes across Heathrow terminals, or via the link below.

Mr. Men™ Little Miss™ © 2023 THOIP (a SANRIO Company). All rights reserved.

We wish you a safe journey and fantastic holiday this summer filled with great memories and lots of sunshine. 🏖️