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Stuart Messham
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It may be world renowned as a tax haven, but the Cayman Islands has much richer pickings than the global corporations and big business located in its capital, George Town. Let’s explore what’s on offer…
Seven whole miles of super-soft sand
Sitting pretty at Seven Mile Beach

Perfect for: Lounging and loafing 

It’s a beach. It runs for seven miles. It regularly makes top ten lists for best beaches on the planet. It’s the biggest tourist attraction of the Cayman Islands. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Every inch of sand is gorgeously white and talcum powder soft. The accompanying waters are Azure blue and packed with colourful coral and exotic tropical fish, perfect for scuba and snorkelling.

It’s flanked by beautiful coconut palm groves and comfy cabanas. And the many beachside resorts serve delicious cocktails and refreshments to keep all your beachside frolics fuelled.

There are only a few beaches as stunning at this in the world.

Stingrays: much friendlier than you might think
Dive with the wildlife at Stingray City

Perfect for: Connecting with nature

Another huge tourist attraction and definitely one for keen snorkellers to scratch off the bucket list, Stingray City has been a gathering point for southern stingrays for decades and lots of tours on the islands allow you to get up close and personal with them.

You will be taken out by boat to the shallow reefs and sandbars that the stingrays find so compelling, between Rum Point and West Bay to the north of Grand Cayman.

You are encouraged to swim among them and pet them and the stingrays seem to love the attention.

The views of the Caribbean Sea and Booby Cay aren’t bad either.

Sunset at Rum Point: soothing and dramatic
Watch the sunset at Rum Point

Perfect for: Peace and serenity

At the northern tip of Grand Cayman – the most populous of the three islands – lies the serenity of Rum Point.

There’s a healthy hustle and bustle in George Town and along the Seven Mile Beach, but you won’t find anywhere near those sort of crowds here.

What you will find are plenty of hammocks, beach huts, pine groves and palm trees that offer the ideal spot for you to gather a nice rum punch and watch the world go by as the sun sets in front of you.

Some of the colours are spectacular and you can share the moment with the snorkellers in the area searching out sea turtles and rainbowfish.

An incredibly soothing, enriching experience.


The Cayman Islands is not all percentages and millionaires, you know.
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