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ULEZ frequently asked questions

All your ULEZ questions answered here. If your question isn’t here, you can email it to us.

Responses to common enquiries

ULEZ is changing the way you drive to work at Heathrow. If your car, motorbike or van doesn’t meet the ULEZ emissions standard, you’ll probably have to pay a daily charge of £12.50.

About ULEZ

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is an area designated by Transport for London (TfL) that gives priority to vehicles with low emissions. Financial penalties apply to non-compliant vehicles that drive through the ULEZ. On 29 August 2023, ULEZ is expanding to cover all London boroughs. The expanded zone includes Heathrow. 

The Mayor of London and TfL want to improve the quality of London’s air by encouraging low-emission vehicles and discouraging those that emit high levels of nitrogen dioxide, a harmful pollutant. Since the original ULEZ was introduced in 2017, the number of vehicles that meet ULEZ emissions standards has risen. To spread the benefits even further, ULEZ is expanding on 29 August 2023 to cover all London boroughs. 

Cars, motorbikes and vans that are non-compliant (their emissions exceed the ULEZ standard) incur a charge of £12.50 for each day that they pass through the ULEZ. The £12.50 daily charge covers all journeys into, out of, or across the zone within a single day. Your drive to work in the morning and your journey home at the end of the day are both covered by a single £12.50 daily charge. 

If you do need to pay the ULEZ charge, a daily charge runs from midnight to midnight, every day of the year (except for Christmas Day). That means that if you drive a non-compliant vehicle within the ULEZ area across two days, you will need to pay two daily charges. 

The expanded ULEZ comes into effect on 29 August 2023. From that day onwards, all vehicles that drive to or from Heathrow are subject to ULEZ regulations. 

No. ULEZ expansion reaches out to cover all London boroughs, an area that includes Heathrow. 

We continue to support the sustainability objectives of ULEZ expansion. However, we can see that meeting the 29 August 2023 deadline will prove difficult for some Team Heathrow colleagues. That’s why we’re providing as much information as we can, and why we’re helping colleagues find alternatives. 

Five councils have challenged ULEZ expansion. Following a judicial review, the challenge was unsuccessful and the ULEZ expansion will be going ahead on 29 August. We have been preparing for ULEZ to include Heathrow, and you too should be preparing for that date.

How does ULEZ affect me?

The charge applies to anyone who drives a non-compliant car, van or motorbike within the ULEZ for any reason. The scheme applies to residents, visitors, tradespeople and commuters. 

See the map and postcode checker on TfL website. If any part of your journey passes through the ULEZ, the daily charge applies to you. 

Tap the registration number of your car, van or motorbike into the TfL vehicle checker. If for any reason you are unsure about the ULEZ compliance status of your vehicle, please contact for further advice.

Please note, there have been anomalies reported from the TfL vehicle checker, and TfL has acknowledged that the information held by the DVLA may not always allow you to establish whether a vehicle is compliant. Because of this TfL have set up a registration process which allows motorists to contact them and update their vehicle’s compliance status should they believe it to be incorrect. Full details of the procedure is available on TfL’s website at compliance registration.

Some drivers and vehicles qualify for a temporary exemption; others qualify for a permanent one. You can find out if you qualify by visiting TfL’s discounts and exemptions page.

You’ll find payment details on TfL’s ULEZ-charge payment page. You can pay online, by phone, automatically or with the TfL payment app.  You must pay before midnight on the third day following your journey through the ULEZ, or you can pay up to 90 days in advance. If you fail  to pay on time, you may get a Penalty Charge Notice.

If you don’t pay on time – before midnight on the third day following your journey through the ULEZ – you may be given a Penalty Charge Notice. The penalty charge is £180, discounted to £90 if you pay it within 14 days. 

The ULEZ regulations apply to all motorised vehicles (apart from a few specialist exemptions), including cars, vans, motorcycles, mopeds, lorries and coaches. 

Not if your car stays parked and doesn’t drive on the roads. There are no charges for parked cars. 

ULEZ-free options for you

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives, including car-sharing, public transport and cycling. You’ll find all the options at the Commuting to Heathrow website. It’s worth checking back regularly because we’re continually updating the website with new routes and timetables.

You almost certainly could. Around 50% of your colleagues live within 15 minutes of a direct public-transport service to Heathrow. We’ve put all the routes and timetables together in our Guide to Heathrow’s Sustainable Travel Zone. It’s worth checking back regularly because we update the guide every week. 

Yes. Team Heathrow colleagues qualify for heavily discounted tickets for commuting journeys between the terminals and London Paddington. Ask your employer for details. 

Yes, that would be a great choice for sustainability and for your health and wellbeing. There’s plenty of help too, including a cycle map, cycle maintenance, help with buying a new bike and the team at the Heathrow Cycle Hub next to the Heathrow Academy. Find out more on our active travel page

The Mayor has launched a scrappage scheme to help eligible Londoners on low income or disability benefits scrap vehicles that don’t meet the emissions standards. Find out more on TfL’s car and motorcycle scrappage page

For colleagues directly employed by Heathrow Airport we have launched a ULEZ Interest Free Car Loan and we’re also looking at launching a ULEZ Compliant Car salary sacrifice scheme. More details will be shared shortly, including an update on estimated launch date. Please keep an eye out for updates on our Voluntary benefits page on Hub+.

For our Team Heathrow colleagues, they should contact their employers directly.

Yes there is, and it comes with priority parking at Heathrow-managed colleague car parks. You’ll find loads more information and easy registration at the car-share website

No, there are exemptions for Team Heathrow colleagues. The exemption covers one free drop-off each day, but you do need to register in advance through your parking coordinator. 

We introduced a new temporary park and ride scheme on the southeast side of the airport close to Terminal 4, which can be accessed from outside the ULEZ boundary. The intention behind this temporary new park and ride scheme is to give colleagues time to transition to a ULEZ compliant vehicle or work out a new sustainable commute by public transport or car share. This will not become permanent.

To use this new park and ride scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

· Have a ULEZ non-compliant vehicle and live outside the ULEZ boundary.

· Already have an active parking permit (QR code) to use the usual colleague car parks.

· Have registered to use the ULEZ colleague car parks via your company’s parking co-ordinator (authorised signatory), who will register you with the Heathrow parking team.

For more information, or to register for a space, please email

How does it affect me?

View our ULEZ 'decision maker' to help you make the right decisions for you.

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