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Thousands of individual car journeys are made every day to and from the airport by Heathrow colleagues - many of which could be shared. Have you heard about Heathrow's car sharing revolution? If you drive to work alone, you could be part of it!

Your discounts and rewards



Priority parking bays in HAL-owned car parks

Lift home


£50 prize draw every month for those who validate on the app.

Reduced costs


Reduced fuel costs when members share the cost of their journeys

Why is this the Way2Go?

  • Split and save
    Split and save

    No one likes spending money at the petrol pump. Split the cost of a tank in two, or more, depending on the size of your carpool.

  • Priority parking
    Priority parking

    As a car sharer in an active Liftshare team, you can benefit from priority parking spaces at Heathrow managed car parks - a real Heathrow luxury!

  • Play your part
    Play your part

    Help reduce the number of cars on the road and make a personal contribution towards Heathrow’s environmental targets.

Caroline Brace
"I met a colleague on a training course last year and we realised we lived close to one another. Each week we coordinate our diaries so that we can car share together... The beauty of this is that a great friendship has developed."

Caroline Brace , Senior Account Manager , Commercial Travel Services

How you can get involved

Do you know who you want to car share with?

From your home page, click on the 'search members' link under your profile picture to find them or click on the 'find a member' link at the bottom right of the screen from the search page. Once you've found the person you want to share with, you can see their journey and send them a request to share.

Please print your new permit

Liftshare members who are sharing can now print their own permits - no waiting for it to turn up in the post. Simply go to 'Liftshare Teams' from the menu bar on your profile page and select 'Parking permit', the permit will load on a new page which you can print and place on your windscreen.

How to validate your journey to use a car share bay

Make sure you authenticate your ride every day with your Liftshare partner.

You can validate your car share journey via the Liftshare App by scaning the QR code on the driver's app. When a Liftshare Parking Permit is scanned (by a parking attendant), the scanner will show whether those in that car have shared their journey that day or not.

Watch our video on how to use the app

If you're having any difficulties, please email

It really is as simple as it sounds

Car sharing allows you to share your commute with others who make similar journeys every day. Catch a ride with a colleague, or offer to drive others yourself - simply decide what works best for you (or whose car is better) and get going. Our scheme is a flexible and convenient way to adapt your commute.

Driving to work is easy, and preferable for many of us at Heathrow, but we can make it more cost-effective with a more collective approach. Car sharing allows you to benefit in a number of ways:

  • Receive priority parking - a real luxury at Heathrow
  • Reduce monthly petrol spend by splitting fuel costs Click here to calculate your savings
  • Reduce the wear and tear of your car by making fewer journeys
  • Socialise on your commute

Liftshare is the UK's leading car sharing platform, and hosts the car share scheme here at Heathrow. The wonderfully simple yet effective system matches together commuters who make similar journeys, or travel in the same direction, each day. The result? Organised travel, shared transport costs and reduced congestion on our roads and in our increasingly busy car parks.

Heathrow has its own dedicated Liftshare page which is tailored to you and your Heathrow colleagues. Did you know that Heathrow Liftshare is one of the single largest car sharing sites in the world? The system looks for matches in your area, as well as those you could pick up en-route to work, so you have a great chance of finding a car share that works with your shift pattern and your home location.

Click here to view Heathrow's dedicated Liftshare page

How does it work?

With Liftshare, getting a car share from A to B is as easy as ABC:

A - Register for free at Liftshare and add a couple of personal details to your account to let others know about yourself and your journey
B - Find a car share match on the database and message them to agree to create a team!
C - Start sharing and saving!

Guaranteed Ride Home

If you've shared your journey with your car share partner but one of you has to leave in an emergency - you can take advantage of the Guaranteed Ride Home - email for details.

Dedicated solely to Heathrow employees, our Liftshare page is your starting point to finding a journey and a car share partner that suits you.

Found a match and want to stop receiving requests?

If you’ve found a car share partner, you can stop requests for new matches by selecting “Hide” in your account settings.

Make sure you make the most of your membership to our Liftshare scheme. Liftshare offer an app which makes sharing your commute easy, and also offer a savings calculator which you can use to see how much you could be saving off travel costs.

The Liftshare App

With the Liftshare App, it is easier than ever to record your car share at Heathrow. An upgraded trip authentication system allows one of our parking attendants to scan a personalised QR code on your phone which records your journey, and any others who have made it with you.

Click here to find out how to validate your trip and your access to priority car sharing parking. All your questions are answered and there's a handy user guide on the FAQs page. We are on hand to help if you have any further queries about how to make the most of your commute by car sharing.

Phone: 020 8745 2766 - 9:30am -14:30pm (Monday to Friday)

Did you know?

The Heathrow Car Share scheme is the largest single-site car share scheme in Europe. It is available for free to all Heathrow Airport pass-holders, with over 7,900 registered members across 250 different companies.

Other ways to get involved


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