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Car Share

Find your car share buddy with Team Heathrow car share

Car share your commute!

Thousands of individual car journeys are made every day to and from the airport by Heathrow colleagues, many of which could be shared. Why not try sharing? Sign-up, add your journey, and find a car share match! Save money, cut carbon and congestion, and get access to priority car share parking at Heathrow-managed car parks.

Sign up for free to car share now!
It’s available to all Team Heathrow Colleagues with a valid Heathrow ID.
Whether you’re a driver, a passenger, or both, car share is open to anyone.
Add your journeys to find your matches!

Five steps to get started

Heathrow car share is provided by Liftshare and is available to all colleagues with a valid Heathrow ID. Sign up for free to find your car share matches and start sharing. 


How to Sign Up

What are the benefits of car share to you?

Rewards for car sharing, priority parking and monthly prize draws

Listing your journey is the best way to find a match.

Add your journey start and destination details. This could be a postcode, street name or primary work destination (e.g., N4 car park).

You can also add whether you’re a driver or passenger, or both, as well as your journey frequency.

You can add more than one journey, helping you find the right match suitable to your work pattern.

Your journey details will be listed to the Heathrow Car Share Community, so that colleagues can see your journey and request to join. Don’t worry though, car share is only available to Team Heathrow colleagues with a valid Heathrow ID only.

New members and journeys are added to Liftshare daily, so add yours now to maximise your chances of finding a match and reducing your travel costs!

How to add your journey

Whether you’re a car driver, just a passenger, or both, you can be part of a Liftshare team. Simply add your journey details and find your match.

If you’ve found a potential match, click on their journey to ask to share. You’ll be prompted to leave a short message, and we suggest introducing yourself and your journey needs. Confirm your team and you’re set to go!

We recommend meeting in person before sharing a ride together – it’s good to break the ice!  

How to find car share matches

Receiving and Responding to a Request to share

Once you’ve confirmed your team, you’ll have the option to download and print your car share permit via your Account on Liftshare’s website. Make sure the full permit is displayed on your windscreen before parking at the car share spaces in Heathrow-managed colleague car parks.

Important: you must display a valid car share permit to park in any of the car share spaces. 


You’re all set to go! Just one more thing to do.

When you’ve picked up your car share buddy, make sure to validate your journey.  This confirms that your car share took place and makes you eligible to park in car share bays across colleague car parks and monthly car share rewards.

Simply open the Liftshare App and click on “Authenticate”. The driver selects the ‘Driver’ option; this will generate a QR code which the passenger(s) can then scan. 

How to validate ‘trip authenticate’ your car share

Download the Liftshare App

Make sure you’ve downloaded the Liftshare app to validate your journeys. Available from the App Store or Google Play


Why car share?

  • Save money
    Save money

    Car sharers save on average £1000 in fuel costs every year, as well as cut carbon and congestion.

  • Access priority parking
    Access priority parking

    Gain access to priority parking spaces in Heathrow colleague car parks.

  • Be rewarded
    Be rewarded

    Be sure to validate your car share on your way to work to be automatically entered into monthly prize draws, such as high street shopping vouchers and free coffee!

    Find out more

Display your valid permit

Liftshare members who are sharing can now print their own permits - no waiting for it to turn up in the post. Simply go to 'Liftshare Teams' from the menu on your profile page and select 'Parking permit'. The permit will load on a new page, which you can print and place on your windscreen.

Please ensure you are displaying the correct permit. Old permits are no longer accepted, please visit your profile page to download your valid car share permit.

Examples of correct and incorrect permits can be found here.


Validate at the start of every car share journey and be rewarded

It takes just seconds to validate your journey using the Liftshare App.

When you meet your car share buddy at the start of your journey, simply open the Liftshare App and click on “Authenticate”. The driver selects the ‘Driver’ option that generates a QR code which the passenger(s) can then scan.

By doing this you’ll automatically enter yourselves into monthly prize draws and rewards.

It is important that all car sharers validate their journeys. This confirms that you have shared your ride and are eligible to park at the priority spaces at Heathrow-managed colleague car parks.

It’s important that our car sharing colleagues have access to priority car share spaces across all Heathrow-managed colleague car parks. That’s why regular checks of the bays take place, with warning notices or PCNs issued to cars that are not display the correct permit.

Please make sure you are displaying a valid car share permit and have validated your journey before parking at the priority spaces.

See the car share T&Cs at the colleague bus shelters at colleague car parks, or at the smoking shelter at Compass Centre.

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