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Interactive route map

Need some inspiration for your next adventure? The whole world is at your fingertips with Heathrow’s interactive route map.

Explore all our destinations

Every destination on our interactive globe is reachable via Heathrow – and there are over 200 of them to choose from. Just manipulate the globe to see the different destinations: turn, swivel and zoom to explore and reveal more. When you’ve decided which one’s for you, select it for more information.


Investigate your chosen destination

In this example we have chosen Stockholm. If you select ‘See Destinations’ in the pop-up box, you’ll see a zoomed-in map of the city and be able to access more video content where you see the ‘Play’ icon. You can also share the destinations with friends and family via email or by copying the link.


Discover our flight planner

As well as using the map, you can also ‘Search Destinations’ in the LH module. Just type your destination into the field and the route map will calculate the flight time and the distance in kilometres to your chosen destination. Plus, if you select the date you wish to travel on the available calendar, you will get a handy list of available flight times on that date. From here you can select your preferred flight time and even ‘Book Flight’ to be taken to the relevant airline’s booking portal.