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Commuting to Heathrow

Choose a smarter, healthier, greener way to commute.


ULEZ – and potential charges – is here

ULEZ now covers all London boroughs including Heathrow. The regulations and charges (if your car, van or motorbike is not compliant) will cover your journey to work. You must take action now to avoid paying ULEZ charges from 29 August 2023.

ULEZ Way2Go Hub

We’ve launched a ULEZ HUB - dedicated to all things ULEZ: What is it? What does it mean for you? What are the ULEZ-free options? At Way2Go, we’re here to help.


ULEZ help and support

  • Frequent questions
    Frequent questions

    Answers to the questions everybody asks about ULEZ.

  • ULEZ decision guide
    ULEZ decision guide

    A simple yes-no checklist to find the best ULEZ-free option for you.

    Find out how
  • Will you have to pay?
    Will you have to pay?

    Not if your car, van or motorbike meets ULEZ standards.

    Check your vehicle

Did you know there's a better Way2Go?

60% of us drive to work alone, and 1 in 5 live within 5km of Heathrow.

Way2Go is here to help Team Heathrow colleagues find cheaper, smarter, healthier and greener ways to get to work – either by car sharing, using public transport, cycling or walking.

We can introduce you to a car share buddy, tell you about the best bus and coach tickets or help you buy a bike. 

Whatever change you make, it's the right Way2Go.

You can learn about our Surface Access targets, aspirations and proposals from our 2022 Surface Access Strategy.



Find out more about Way2Go

Four ways, loads of great benefits

Airport Community App

If you work at Heathrow Airport, the best way to keep up to date on all communications is using the Community App.

Keep up-to-date with airport messages, disruption information, flight information, public transport, close call reporting and discount and offers for colleagues.

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