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    Commuting to Heathrow

    Choose a smarter, healthier, greener way to commute.

    Face coverings

    We strongly recommend you wear a face covering in all parts of the airport, including at our terminal buildings, subways, bus, train and tube stations. And please be prepared and have a face covering to hand while at the airport, even if you choose not to wear it regularly.

    Did you know there's a better Way2Go?

    60% of us drive into work alone and 1 in 5 of us live within 5km from Heathrow

    Way2Go is here to help Team Heathrow colleagues find cheaper, smarter, healthier and greener ways to get to work – whether that’s car sharing, public transport, cycling or walking.

    We can hook you up with a car share buddy, tell you about the best bus and coach tickets or help you buy a bike. Simply browse our web pages and sign up for the latest updates!


    Whatever change you make, it's the right Way2Go

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