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Allowances explained

Airlines define the baggage they will depend on the fare paid, class of travel, route, aircraft type, government regulations and the airline policies. Airlines generally set a free baggage allowance, expressed by weight and by piece. They may also set charges for excess baggage Passengers are advised to check baggage allowances with their airline.

What you can & can't pack

You'll find details of items which can't be packed in baggage on our hold luggage banned items page.

Excess baggage and unaccompanied items - services:

Unusual/outsize baggage

Please inform your airline or handling agent about any outsize or unusual items of baggage well in advance of your departure.

Packing tips - please ensure that:

  • Loose straps
    Loose straps

    All loose straps are tied up or removed

  • Fasten flaps
    Fasten flaps

    All flaps are securely fastened

  • Secure handles
    Secure handles

    Extendable handles are retracted or secured

  • Remove old tags
    Remove old tags

    Old tags and barcodes are removed

When deciding what to pack, please bear in mind:

  • Don't gift wrap
    Don't gift wrap

    Don’t wrap gifts as security staff may wish to view them

  • Utilise your carry-on
    Utilise your carry-on

    Carrying in your hand baggage can mean a little extra comfort at the end of a long-haul flight, or if hold baggage is delayed

  • Carry for yourself
    Carry for yourself

    Never carry anything on to an aircraft for anyone else