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Make sure you collect any checked luggage before leaving the baggage reclaim hall, as once you've left you won't be able to return. If you've left the baggage reclaim hall without collecting your luggage, contact your airline to arrange how to get your things back. You can also use the baggage enquiry telephones in arrivals to contact a member of the team and ask them to retrieve your bag for you. You can find the baggage enquiry telephones at the following locations:

What to do if your luggage is lost or delayed

All baggage is managed by the airlines from check-in to arrival. If your luggage doesn't appear on the baggage reclaim belt, report it missing to your airline as soon as possible.

Report missing bags

Many airlines have a desk in the baggage reclaim hall where you can report your lost luggage and get a missing bag report. Keep hold of this - you can use it to track your baggage. If you’re travelling internationally, your airline will also ask you to complete a customs form.

It’s best to report any issues before you leave the baggage reclaim hall. If there’s no one at the desk or you’ve already left the airport you can call your airline instead. Visit your airline's website for more details, or find contact details in our airline directory.

Retrieve your bags

When your airline locates your bag, they’ll usually courier it to your destination.

Sometimes, your airline will invite you back to the airport to collect it but don’t return to Heathrow unless your airline has told you to do so. If you come to collect your bag in person, you’ll need to bring the following documents with you as you may need to go through security:

  • Proof of arrival (e.g. boarding pass, itinerary or baggage tag)
  • Identity document (e.g. passport or a UK driving licence for UK residents travelling on domestic flights)

Bags can be collected between 06:00 and 22:00, but this can change due to operational issues, so speak to your airline before returning to the airport. 

Lost property

If you've misplaced an item at the airport, visit our lost property page to find out how you can get it back.